Tokyo Ghoul 08


Xythar: some serious philosophical issues raised in this episode #makesyouthink

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11 Responses to “Tokyo Ghoul 08”

  1. Asatau says:

    I come here to watch korean dancing pictures, Not to think. But thank you

  2. dannyboy says:

    Enough thinking for today. Download & watch later.

  3. keemeef~ says:

    Will skiddiks save Captain Earth and Aldnoah.Zero? pls #basedskiddikssavemysummer

  4. Luthynos says:

    Doesn’t Tokyo Ghoul release on Thursday? Since I can watch Episode 9 already subbed now, while the “Showtimes-page” says it airs in a day. Still waiting for your release, though :D

    • herkz says:

      yes, it airs on thursday, but the channels it airs on all suck, so we wait for a better one which airs on friday

  5. fobgogler says:

    you still doing this show it’s been forever