Translator recruitment post

Looking for a TL to do Seikon no Qwaser bru-rays. Msg Tai or RHExcelion on IRC (Or just leave a comment here).

Also, that new Queen’s Blade OVA needs a tl. . . . . . . . .

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21 Responses to “Translator recruitment post”

  1. goshinky says:

    I hope you find someone for this… I am eager to see THIS!

    • Hotel_Moscow says:

      Commie im so proud of you i almost feel like crying i have never been able to watch seikon no qwaser blu rays

  2. foxy says:

    “bru-rays” WOW some new video type. XD

  3. Errr says:

    is that to love-ru? o_o

  4. anom says:

    1080p?? :>

  5. amon says:

    So I heard that the Qwaser BDs are supr horrible.

  6. zangetsu11 says:

    so is this gonna be uncensored, or lame censored????i really want it to be uncen cause censorship takes all the fun away and you can’t really enjoy the episodes!!!!!

  7. ano says:

    why work on it when doki already got 6 episode out…

  8. Jonas says:

    If it’s just every episode that already came out,put on blu-ray and you translations for that i could do it.

  9. firemage says:

    okay not knowing SnQ that well can someone clue me into the image for this post?

    Why does the blond girl scale Mio so much?