Typesetters Where?

Recruiting typesetters cause the last batch of interns were fucking useless. Please only apply if you ACTUALLY HAVE TIME to do shit.

Apply now, so you can be ready for #SkiddiksSavesFall

Also, will a half-decent translator ever apply? ;_;

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73 Responses to “Typesetters Where?”

  1. iprolyhu says:

    How bad were the interns on a scale of 1 to “go kill yourself you useless sacks of shit”?

  2. Juular says:

    maybe senpai will notice me

  3. Guyspls says:

    Please guys apply, so Commie can save next season.

  4. heddnoiz says:

    I love what you guys are doing here, depending on the time commitment involved I’d love to be able to give back to the community that graces me with quality subs week in week out – email me if you’d like to talk more.

    • skiddiks says:

      There’s a lot of commitment involved, at least for typesetting. It’s a lot of work and effort, and it has a high learning curve. Shoot us an application if you’re interested. We’ll go from there.

  5. FillyTickler says:

    I already submitted one in early winter. Don’t feel like looking for the form again. I don’t even know how to, I just know I’m the best there is at setting types. Sucks to be you.

  6. keemeef~ says:

    Yeah I feel bad for not being able to do much on the intern as a timer… I was tutoring people on programming over the past 2 months and couldn’t find time to work on the timing project :\

  7. ChosenOne says:

    I’m kinda just a noob. I read the whole unanimated’s typesetting guide from top to bottom but still a new with this. If that helps I can do something.

  8. blankley says:

    My application is in the mail. Should arrive by Thursday.

  9. Pikminiman says:

    I’m certainly curious about applying (and I’m already pretty well-versed with TS’ing), but it depends on which Fall shows you’ll be covering. Any shows confirmed yet?

  10. PureDriveGT says:

    Are you going to sub Hanamonogatari in the coming weeks?

  11. Dr.C says:

    Are they the reason JoJo is so far behind?

  12. VanFinale says:

    Between you guys and underwater wtf happened to all the typesetters?

  13. jabashque says:

    b-but kamlotton wasn’t fucking useless

  14. pfmournblade says:

    Eh… If I wasn’t focusing on boosting my GPA this semester and going through timing intern, I would totally apply.
    Going to teach myself TS at some point though.

  15. HaroldBishop says:

    Furiously learning to typset to speed the release of JoJo’s and Space Dandy

  16. Xall says:

    >mfw I am unable to help you in any way

    >mfw I will never save anime together with you guys

  17. instaq says:

    How hard is it to do typesetting? If it’s not hard and I can try it out with given translation I might be interested to speed things up and not be a sack of complete shit.

    • herkz says:


    • skiddiks says:

      Uh, idk what you’re getting at with the translation bit. Anyway, typesetting has a high learning curve, so you need a lot of dedication

    • PureDriveGT says:

      If you are asking “how hard” you probably don’t really know what it is. So here:
      – Making the subs themself look the way the group intends: very readable and pleasant to look at.
      – Karaoke and the likes
      – And the toughest part are the signs in the video itself. These have to be done so that it looks like it was actually written in the preferred language all along and obviously be readable. Also being important for the plot should be considered. I remember Kurama doing it on a Milkcarton, which then said “Milk”, it was very obvious and also not important for the plot, so when to actually do it is important to know, doing too much will drive you crazy and may also end up looking like dogshit.

  18. Cickány says:

    Can I apply with only basic typesetting experience? I mean I learned the staff that unanimated wrote except the Mocha part, and I’m a noob with scipts. But I have a lot of time and I learn fast(at least I think I learb fast). And have no idea what IRC is…

  19. Kryner says:

    so how? i had shitload of time

  20. Knwtmsyn says:

    Can someone pls tell me why I failed? This is the second time. I used the handle ‘Knwtmsyn’.

  21. Nino says:

    Do it like germans. Use After Effects (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

  22. :( says:

    I don’t want to join any group, but I want to test my skills as typesetter, is there any test anywhere?

  23. nenekooo says:

    ( ಥ_ಥ)

  24. kn-05 says:

    In response to this, can you elaborate more on the following:
    – what software(s) is/are used?
    – where can this/these software(s) be obtained?
    – how long is the estimated time needed to learn such software(s)?
    – for the sign translation, is photoshop experience needed?
    – what’s the time estimate per anime episode spent
    – how many anime titles are required to be typesetted per person?
    – the modes of communication? ie: how do we get the files, verify, compile, etc and send it back to you guys

    ps:you can just reply here. i check this site more than the email that I have provided temporarily (unless if you want to discuss something in private)

    • herkz says:

      >what software(s) is/are used?

      aegisub, mocha for after effects

      > where can this/these software(s) be obtained?

      well aegisub is free and mocha is easily piratable

      >how long is the estimated time needed to learn such software(s)?

      the software itself is pretty simple to use

      >for the sign translation, is photoshop experience needed?


      >what’s the time estimate per anime episode spent

      probably on average a few hours, but some shows have no signs and it will take you 5 minutes and some have tons and make take you a few days

      >how many anime titles are required to be typesetted per person?

      at least one a season would be nice

      >the modes of communication? ie: how do we get the files, verify, compile, etc and send it back to you guys


  25. kn-05 says:

    herkz, thanks for the info.

    I will look up the software and try it out first. Aegisub looks similar to Director / Flash with added functions.

    Will be back and apply once I’m able to commit.

    Timezone: GMT+0800

  26. PAnZuRiEL says:

    >Also, will a half-decent translator ever apply? ;_;

    Haha, no. Why would a half-decent translator do fansubbing when they could do something useful and get paid?

    • herkz says:

      lol, implying anyone who pays a livable wage would hire someone half-decent

      • Xall says:

        >implying somebody implies

        >not green texting

        Yeah I know, I’m cancerous.

      • PAnZuRiEL says:

        No, I suppose they wouldn’t want to hire someone *merely* half-decent, although employers mostly wouldn’t know the difference. But I assumed you meant *at least* half-decent, a category including the entirely-decent.

  27. Timeout says:

    I might apply to you guys in a year or so. Don’t have the time now.

  28. trancce says:

    I honestly would love to help you guys and would totally apply for the role of typesetter.

    But I have no idea what that even is, let alone how to do it.