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I have no earthly idea on how people manage to encode this show to be larger than 300MB.

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24 Responses to “UN-GO 2”

  1. ricz says:

    Thanks now to wait for SnS III

  2. mascthemoney says:


  3. skyleo says:

    Why you’ve written UN-KO? It’s written アン ゴ and even in the anime they romanized it UN-GO…

  4. erejnion says:

    Whee! Thanks!

  5. FFF says:

    300? Many other team made it over 400. They won’t stop until they don’t reach 9000.

  6. Daniel says:

    cant wait for this to finish, Shana III next

  7. macxxx007 says:

    masc… ya bastard… you broke the unspoken rule in regards to this show’s title!

    Thanks for the episode! HAVE A GOOD WEEKEND!

    P.S. 3RD!

  8. XerBlade says:

    Unfortunately, many groups do not understand that you can safely encode at lower bit rates without quality loss on a show with lower color diversity and/or less motion. As such, they can tend to use the same bit rates for every series, whether it be Guilty Crown or Lucky Star.

    Of course, many groups don’t know the first thing about encoding themselves (although, heck, you don’t have to know much about how encoding REALLY works [truth is stranger than fiction here] to at least know how bit rates work), they just copy someone else.

    • XerBlade says:

      Oh yes, there are of course the ~23 minute episode equals 350 MB sects (or something similar using the target filesize method instead of bitrate method) which is really exactly the same thing in the end (average bit rate = file size / time, it’s not complicated), and the same thing I just said obviously applies there as well.

  9. mascthemoney says:

    also, i love the show’s ED.

  10. skyleo says:

    Sorry that I ignored your stupid joke with “shit”, I just can’t accept rubbish like this.

  11. emokid_666 says:

    yea, and other groups release this at +300mb cuz they do it in 720p…. so in my opinion, thats kinda worth it.

  12. emokid_666 says:

    mmm, doesn’t look it, and ive never heard of a show being aired in 1024×576. but u may be right. still…

  13. emokid_666 says:

    no dissing intended, i like you releases :)