We need a SKY PerfecTV! e2 capper

We are planning on doing the Winter Sonata Animation Japanese dub, which airs some time in Spring 2010.

There are a few reasons for doing this:

1) Frostii’s encoding was cancer:




2) No hard subs on the video


1) ZOMG DUB. SHIT SHIT SHIT. <—— We can mux Frostii’s audio track in

2) No one we know can receive SKY PerfecTV! e2 channels. If you can, or know some one who can, receive those channels, specifically Sukachan HD, please PM cryptw on irc.rizon.net. Proper compensation can be arranged.


3) Most people that fit the bill for problem #2 probably don’t have very good English. We need someone to translate this post into Japanese.

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One Response to “We need a SKY PerfecTV! e2 capper”

  1. Puff-kun says:

    Waste of time, terrible adaptation. Dub will only be worse. Only episode that matters is the last one, which is in 3d.