Weiss Survive Failcoding

TOP OF POST EDIT: Here is episode 3, released before Ayako:

So now, by his own criteria, he got owned.

I’ve been informed of quite a few (2) instances of failcoding regarding this show, without naming any names: COUGHspiegelCOUGH or COUGHasairoCOUGH. Luckily the latter hasn’t yet cemented in their fail by making a release. So as a public service I will continue encoding and releasing, but faster.





Fail: No cropping
Correct: Station border crap cropped off

Fail: Encoding broadcast HE-AAC to AC3.
Correct: Leaving it as HE-AAC.

Fail: File almost 4x as big… wut?

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9 Responses to “Weiss Survive Failcoding”

  1. fag says:

    and ayako will still get 10x as many downloads for this terrible show.

    u mad?

  2. SpiegelEiXXL says:

    Yo. How about stop a.) upscaling screens for starters, b.) Stop using Soften() and kill colors c.) release before us.
    If all those 3 things match, start talking again -3-

  3. marsd says:

    Yeah because 2 minutes 30 seconds matter so much!!!

    If everyone were to nitpick like that the world would come to a stand still.

  4. cryptw says:

    Sorry, but I believe that 704×400 was the resolution that we both used.

    And no, no Soften() has been used. It looks more like you used Harden() or something, but more likely you didn’t ColorMatrix or set the colour co-efficients.

    Also, I have already mentioned that I will be faster. -3-

  5. Reikalover says:

    I assume the source is so shitty that it doesn’t warrant a 480p release. But Commie’s version offers something even the subbers on the first season didn’t (yes, the various groups that subbed a bit of the series, because noone completed it _from start to end_) and that is a proper IVTC of the show which pretty much sets it aside from the rest. Kudos for the nice encode guys.