We’re doing an FAQ

Or more like a series of made up questions that have never been asked and never will be, then answering them.

So go ahead and chuck us some completely unrealistic questions that you would otherwise never have asked if you didn’t know that it would end up in an “FAQ”.

We (read: not me) will take the comments and compile them into a neatly formatted page.

EDIT: 11/06/2010 Stop commenting on this because no one will reply to you. Bug us on whatever the latest post is at the time you read this.

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112 Responses to “We’re doing an FAQ”

  1. commander`A says:


  2. cryptw says:

    Q: Why is it aN FAQ?

    A: Because commander`A fails at English and doesn’t know that F is pronounced as “eff” which starts with a vowel.

  3. Mezhone says:

    ell, comfag does fail at inglish so it makes sence :3

  4. cryptw says:

    <Stove> But I usually say “fack”. the a of fakle.
    Q: wtf is fakle?
    A: An other workd for torch.

  5. Mezhone says:

    Q. What happens if i question the authorities ?

    A. you get a .kb hammer in your face cunt

  6. a says:

    I’ve got a question. Are you ever planning on releasing anything within a week of it’s air date ever again?

  7. Unellmay says:

    Why is Sheryl so shit while Ranka remains goddess of the world? (this is truth btw)

  8. Thesis says:

    Why commie’s irc chan is such a lovely place?

  9. commander`A says:

    No, it’s because I am there.

  10. Flash Gordon says:

    Why not just make FlashGordon edit everything he is so awesome?

  11. Max says:

    Hey guys, could you please sub Quiz Magic Academy OVA 2 ?

  12. asshat says:

    I want to make new team, can you join me?

  13. GAY! says:

    Can I buy stocks in this fabulous company?

  14. anon says:

    Are you faggots still doing RAINBOW or what?

  15. Where did your fansub name Commie come from? Is there a super secret sub-sub-sub group that is your alternative alias name? Finally, where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

    • RHExcelion says:

      It used to be CommieRips because all the shows we did were ripped from CrunchyRoll (LOL SAME ACRONYM HURRRR). Then there were CommieSubs for a season where people actually translated stuff. Eventually we decided having two names was stupid and Commie is pretty short as is it.

      Why would we need a supersecret group name. All the shit we do is licensed anyways- oh wait, [YAE] and [UN-ENCODED]. w

      Last I heard, Mexico.

  16. Douchebag says:

    Why do you guys overkill the encode on Heroman?

    Over 400mb is a bit too much, but doesn’t bother since I’m a douchebag.

    • RHExcelion says:

      We don’t. We use CRF (Constant Rate Factor). Which means each encode will end up a different file size, depending on the amount of picture quality in it. Constraining an encode to a certain file size (say 330MB, like Eclipse), is pretty stupid.

  17. IGChris says:

    1. Why doesn’t Commie ever get anything done?

    2. Why does Commie’s staff all suck so much?

    3. RHExcelion, want to play DotA?

  18. EdwardDFMA says:

    You people ever gotten into a fight w/ another Fansub group and why? :D

    • RHExcelion says:

      Chihiro/kristen just loves us/me. Just look up any of our torrents on BakaBT. Here‘s an example.

  19. telepathy says:

    wats the point of having an faq

  20. femto says:

    Q: Hey guys where is latest episode of House of Five Leaves?

  21. sinka-chan says:

    How many commies does it take to screw in a light bulb?

  22. Thesis says:

    Also, are you mexicans?

  23. Flash Gordon says:

    Can I have a dollar?

  24. KatanaKiwi says:

    Q: Will we ever have to pay for your subs?

  25. Unellmay says:

    Ranka fwd?

  26. johnny_dickpants says:

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  27. killazys says:

    Do you directly rip CR/FUNi scripts, or do you edit them too?

    (Basically, why so slow with tatami galaxy. not that i’m planning on switching to another group anytime soon)

    • RHExcelion says:

      Edit. Ripping takes like 5 minutes. Anyways Tatami is stalled because our dear editor wants to add karaoke and shit as well. Shouldn’t be too soon now.

  28. Shampoo says:


  29. asshat says:


  30. nig says:

    Q. why don’t you post links to your releases as they come out on this site, rather than having us sift through shit at nyaa?

  31. OoP says:

    Q: Where the fuck’s your project list, so we can tell when fucktards who upload shit encodes, and tag it [Commie] are full of shit?

  32. OoP says:

    Q: Like, is this ( yours? Are you planning on subbing it, or will DL’ing it just waste my bandwidth?

  33. johnny_dickpants says:

    where’s heroman?

  34. Unellmay says:

    where’s Tatami?

    and moar pics of cryptw?

    • Thesis says:

      Thesis supports this. Moar cryptw plox, or was it Rhexcelion? Saa… I want moar.

    • IGChris says:

      Tatami is currently delayed at ED karaoke. Now that the ED single has come out with official lyrics, this shouldn’t be much longer. The person doing them said it would be done by the end of the week, so there will probably be a simul-release of 3 or 4 episodes once the kara is done (depending on when it’s done and some other stuff). Then probably v2s of the first few episodes.

  35. ash says:

    durarara 20 soon?

  36. Unellmay says:

    *Waits for those ranka cosplay pics*

  37. outlaw says:

    What has caused the delays with heroman? Commie would even beat HorribleSubs, and now it’s a taking a bit. Any reason?

    • RHExcelion says:

      Lost interest, etc. And now it’s impossible to beat HorribleSubs since they fully automated their system so we gave up trying. :V

      • Packard says:

        It really dosen’t matter who ‘beats’ who, if you released even a day after CR did you would still get more download than CR shit because real raws with subs from someone who actually gives a shit > Automated crap.

      • outlaw says:

        That’s sad as I really liked that you bothered to do a good job with it. I hope you all don’t completely drop it.

        Commie easily did the best job on the series.

  38. fdfdsfdsfds says:

    How many dicks can fit into a jelly sandwich?

  39. faggot says:

    As many as u wan!

  40. Unellmay says:

    How many eps of tatami are there?

  41. Gungrave223 says:

    hey did yall drop heroman, cuz i refuse to watch Horrible sub r CrunchySubs release. So long as yall havent dropped it then im willing to w8 as long as it take for yall to start releasing again

  42. dashk says:

    tatami pleaseeeee

  43. Apple of your eye says:

    Where the hell is my Break Blade?

  44. mrsanon says:

    what’s the status with tatami?

  45. FlashGordon says:

    Because it’s up his butt.

  46. Kucing says:

    Will you give us scripts?
    Like gg who have script folder at its website.

  47. legend says:

    why is tatami delayed?

  48. Well yeah, I just want to know how do you rip the subs from CrunchyRoll. It’s a SMIL?/SMI? file or someshit right?



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