Winter Recruitment

Edit 1/17:

One editor actually passed!

Still looking for translators and Mahoyo editors. Or maybe Kyhz just needs to grade the Mahoyo tests.

Edit 1/07:

Applications for timers and editors are closed. Hopefully some of them pass.

Translators and typesetters are still welcome.

Edit 1/03:

We’re opening up recruitment to potential editors as well. This is not a job we can teach you. You’re either good at English or you’re not.

Mahoyo needs an editor or two with a lot of free time (15-20 hours a week). Also, mention Mahoyo in the application if you’d like to edit that.
Various shows of the season are probably open as well.

Qualifications of an editor:
Mastery of the English language. American English is a must.
Able to make sense of confusing and/or misconstrued words and sentences and modify them into logical and naturally flowing dialogue.
Knowledge of Japanese is not required, although knowing a few phrases may help you tailor a conversation to fit a certain scene.
No fansubbing experience is necessary.

Fill out the application form below if you’re interested in applying. Editors who are currently with other fansubbing groups need not apply.

Edit 12/19:

One of our translators has expressed a desire to translate the upcoming light novels Fire Girl and Fate/Apocrypha:

Unlike Mahoyo, other translators are welcome.

It’s almost next season, and applications are open again. As before, timing and typesetting, and translating positions are available.

Why work for us?

Zero experience is necessary.
Unless you’re too technologically defunct to get on IRC, of which we have guides for as well. Everything you need to know will be taught to you.
(Translators are expected to know Japanese. We can’t teach you that.)

Be taught by the best.
No matter what other group you may apply for, there’s a very high chance they’ll tell you to follow our timing and typesetting guides. You might as well be taught by the people who wrote them.

Work on the shows you want.
Not that you’ll have the liberties of picking up shows on your own (at first), but we do a ton of shows a season and there’s nowhere else you could apply at and have nearly the same amount of freedom.

To apply, simply fill out this form:

Please don’t apply if you’re already in a different group. We don’t like people who collect groups.

Good luck.

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130 Responses to “Winter Recruitment”

  1. FC_2 says:

    Id be interested learning how to typeset? Send me a email on [email protected] if your willing to teach me.

  2. sushi says:

    I filled out the application, yet no response…:(
    *sad koala*

  3. defendos says:

    well i can basic time and typesetting also karaoke and putting texts everywhere at the screen-,- is it good that i will apply or do i need more practice?

  4. Juular says:

    I wish to encode.

    Though, to my knowledge, RHExcelion encodes everything. So BDs maybe?

  5. TheAvenger says:

    I love you guys for translating this (or attempting to anyway). Can’t wait for Fate/Apocrypha.

  6. Cinia Pacifica says:

    I tried to submit out of whim. But like, there’s an error every time lol.

  7. michel says:

    Sounds great, I’m very curious about these novels, expecially the Fate one…

  8. Fag It says:

    Looking forward to both titles, hope everything works out.

  9. purefmwc says:

    Hey, I ordered Hyouka OVA BD, do you guys need it?

  10. Shootmt says:



  11. TheStranger says:

    Guys any news on Berserk The Golden Arc II ? The Blu-Ray has been out since the 5th :(

  12. Nanako says:

    Do you use American English or British English?

  13. Adam says:

    Can you also upload the raws for us along with the translations? Thanks.

  14. Saelind says:

    It would be awesome if you could translate the Shana novels too! Baka-Tsuki apparently dropped the project :/

  15. shi0nmaku says:

    THAT girl looks like Asuna

  16. megafilipe says:

    you need to recruit a web designer asap, your website is shit ugly

  17. bors says:

    Thank you for Neko and Apocrypha. Happy new year guys!

  18. anonymous says:

    > IRC


  19. Luis E Alvarado says:

    Looking to join a group soon, maybe I’ll apply here. Even with my job in the Army and online uni, I still have time like no other. Plus, I love Anime, maybe it’s time to give back to the community.

  20. GraphixBoyz says:

    Question: What is Typesetter and Timer ?

  21. reidwyr says:

    so I have a question, what exactly an editor does?

    • herkz says:

      edit the subs into better english

      • reidwyr says:

        yeah I actually just googled it, thanks for the answer, so I think I can do that, dont know, got some interest all of a sudden and is something I could try to do… btw there are any other requirements that are not in the form? and the editor should know how to use any kind of complex programs? I have no experience in fansubbing but I am interested

  22. Acheron says:

    If I actually had the amount of time you would need me? Oh, in a heartbeat.

    • Acheron says:

      Well, I re-thought my reasoning for not applying…and found it was rather stupid. It’s in if you get around to it.

  23. BwackNinja says:

    Editing sounds like fun, but I’m also interested in typesetting. It’d be nice to have enough time to do both…

    • torchlight says:

      We have a handful of people who both typeset and edit (and more). You could try too!

  24. Fag It says:

    Remove the first “you” in the second sentence of the Edit 01/03.

  25. Doc Who says:

    when submitting app, it says “Something went wrong”

  26. OniAisu says:

    If I had the free time I did a year ago, this would have been no problem.

    Hope you find someone decent.

  27. Hritham says:

    I submitted an application earlier for timing, but I’m also interested in editing now that it’s opened up. Is there a way to add that to my application?

  28. CP says:

    “Editors who are currently with other fansubbing groups need not apply.”
    Fascinating… I saw a similar thing when I had a look at another fansub group’s site.
    My experience is that it’s not the number of groups/projects a person is in that matters, but their dedication… Slacking in one channel is no better than slacking in half a dozen :P

    • herkz says:

      it’s more to stop people from being like “i can’t work on show Y because i’m already doing it for group X”

  29. vjott says:

    >American English is a must.

    Guess that excludes the rest of the world. :-D

    • brainchild says:

      It’s fine to use British English in conversation, but you must be comfortable with American English when actually subbing.

  30. roguespur says:

    Something went wrong ($result = ).

    I expect this is a joke/test to see if I actually am comfortable asking questions.

    Question. Did I get a real error when submitting my application for an editor position?

  31. scs says:

    Dear Commie Staff, are you going to release Kokoro Connect Michi Random in some acceptable quality?
    My eyes hurt after watching that rori’s version with strongly reminiscences of the Cinepak video compression age.
    Best Regards,
    Your average leecher.

  32. Artiom says:

    It’s bad if I can fluently speak only russian?
    I can sing the whole URSS hymn, does this give me some advantage?

    Anyway, what is the more suitable time zone for the role of timer? More precisely; I am supposed to be ready for working the exact time the show air in japan? There is a strict deadline beyond which the work should be ready?

    • herkz says:

      being around when it’s simulcast or a few hours after airing (for translations) would be best, yes.

  33. Alakon says:

    I applied for the editor position, though I’m also interested in Typesetting.

    Should I make another application?

  34. SupraGuy says:

    I’ve got time, and I’ve been interested in getting involved for some time now.

  35. shionmaku says:

    I can’t stand the website theme. I was thinking about joining you guys this winter but I can’t stand the design of the website.

  36. RedSamurai says:

    First I would like to congratulate the team for its great work, there’s a reason people restrain themselves from watching other releases on many shows and instead wait for yours.
    And talking about restraining, I like probably many others have been really waiting for the 2nd Berserk movie… Such a great series deserve equally great subs, something that I believe you guys can and will deliver.

    I don’t mean to bother, but it’d be great if you gave us an insight on how much progress has been made on it.

    Thanks in advance and good luck for the future ;)

  37. itsnotmyfault says:

    gratz whoever got the position. you must be not shit (enough).

  38. JReca says:

    Congratz to the one who got the place. I died a little inside during the test, relly. Next time I reapply I’ll try to get better.

    Good luck and keep up the good job!

  39. Devana says:

    I submitted a late application with a typo. = sadpanda

    Anyway, even if I don’t get a position, thank you for always providing such high-quality work!

    And thanks again, herkz, for having looked at my application after I mentioned it in IRC.

    Now I’ll go cross my fingers and hit refresh on my e-mail for a few weeks, lol.


  40. Ryo says:

    So are the editor applications for Mahoyo actually still being graded, and the one editor is for anime, or is that one editor out of everything so far?

  41. jabashque says:

    Is there a way for me to try the typesetting test without applying? (since typesetting applications are closed and I don’t want to join Commie)

    • herkz says:

      there isn’t just one test, so no. there’s multiple tests and one of the tests has multiple parts.

      also, we teach the interns how to typeset and keep at it until they’re good enough to be useful. if you already knew how to typeset and wanted to join, we’d just have you show us some of your previous work or something

  42. Fag It says:

    grats to Commie’s new editor, whomever he or she may be.

  43. jdsk says:

    Will editing applicants get an email or do we assume we didn’t get the position if we don’t get a reply?