World of Warships

Please give invite. Got one. Get ready to be BTFO.

Also if anyone still plays WoW:WoD feel free to add my battletag (RHExcelion#1511) and say hi.

My guild could use a couple more people for mythic progression too, if you’re into killing savage mystic orcs.
We’re only 2/10M at the moment since we’ve had to round up 1-3 pugs every week. Raid times are 9PM-1AM CST (7PM PST, 10PM EST).

Also #birdnoah 2015 credits:
Seagull facts: skiddiks
Seagull reviews: Elite_Soba
Seagull scripting: Steaki
Rest: Me

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15 Responses to “World of Warships”

  1. Xeon says:

    Been wanting to try WoW hope its good.

  2. yamochan@eredar says:

    well i would raid with you but since ur a american guild thats out of the picture. coming form germany i just make the raid times but gl finding ppl. ^^

  3. hiari says:

    No-one I know seems to have World of Warship invite codes; it’s pissing annoying. I’ve been waiting for that game since they announced it.

  4. tommas says:

    World of Warship is in closed beta atm. So ofc no beta codes right now. At least not from other players…

  5. Nonafel says:

    My amount of want to play this game is quite large

  6. SGador says:

    Unfortunately all the keys are out (for now i guess) and no more can join the CBT since they closed the applications. CBTester here so I can spoil that its pretty good for a beta test but then still quite heavy

  7. Tubs says:

    I wanted to say hi ;_;

  8. eXtaticus says:


    >not kancolle 12

    rhexcelion plz

  9. Catastrophe says:


  10. Falleen says:

    Rhexcelion Plz.