You Can Help Stop Identity Theft

I was checking my dotabuff earlier and noticed something weird:

…a second “RHExcelion” had shown up.

This, of course, was clearly unacceptable. I wouldn’t care if someone used the name on a random forum I don’t visit, but I play Dota religiously. So I tried adding the guy on Steam to nicely ask him to change his name.

He didn’t respond.

Well okay, maybe he was AFK. I added a few of his friends as well.

One of them accepted the friend invite. I explained the situation to him, and he proceeded to laugh at me.

Then I was promptly blocked by the both of them.

Dear leechers, please add this guy on Steam and ask him (nicely) to change his name. If he ignores you, add and ask his friends as well. Don’t stop sending requests until he does:

PS: You can add me on Steam if you’d like. I only play Dota 2 though:

After all, I am the real RHExcelion.

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97 Responses to “You Can Help Stop Identity Theft”

  1. I thought you commies were supposed to share everything? Damn hypocritical commies.

  2. Paananen says:

    Reporting in. I love the work you do for us so it’s only fair to help you out on this one. :)

  3. hurrdurr says:

    I suggest we all start using RHExcelion. Seriously getting buttmad when someone uses the same name on the internet? Not your personal army.

    • Eotenus says:

      Why are you on this website? Leechers should stfu and leech quietly.

      • leetdood says:

        Obviously he’s on here to tell you how buttmad you are.

      • synd says:

        So just because he tells someone how the internet works, he is a leecher?
        Excellion acts like this is his first day on the internet.

      • Megalith says:

        If you want leecher to be quiet then people shouldn’t ask leechers for things. I’m glad to leech in peace, however don’t think that makes me feel as if I owe you. While I do appreciate other’s work on animes I don’t think you do any of this with me in mind so don’t expect anything in return. If you want leechers to be quiet though I do wonder why comments are allowed?

    • Psyentific says:

      I dunno man. If someone stole Psyentific? I’d be kinda mad. I have a good (bad) name to keep, and I don’t need some not-me pissing all over my shit and making it smell better/worse.

      >In before a billion people take my original name (DO NOT STEAL!) and be excellent/terrible

  4. Sarreq Teryx says:

    no matter how long you’ve used the name, unless Steam has/had a policy against duplicate usernames (which obviously they don’t, or the problem wouldn’t exist), there’s not much you can do, including polite mass protest.

  5. RHExcelion says:


  6. cooly says:

    hey i know that there are at least 5 other guys in the world who have the same name AND surname , i cant tolerate that i have to harass them until they change name , help me out guys!

  7. Eoten says:

    There are 5 other RHExcelion, your cause is lost, man. lol

  8. Junky says:


  9. niggers says:

    Fucking nigger fall off your n00btube and play a real fucking game.

    Holy shit failcandy, I should get popcorn before checking this blog.

  10. Huh says:

    There ain’t nothing you can do man except spread word around that there’s a duplicate RHExcelion (or 5). Just gotta hope that they don’t build a bad reputation

  11. Widde says:

    Well it’s the sad story of today.
    But RHExelion seems a bit unusual for beeing that popular (or just too many people w no imagination (like me) taking others cool/bad names)…

  12. Proud fapper says:

    You can just say you’re a girl and that faggot is bullying you and you’ll have 1337 whiteknights attacking him.

    You can promise them nudes and then send them guro or something.

  13. Parpy says:

    sent ;)

    Jeez Louise, did you not realize that you’ve probably inadvertently spawned five dozen RHExcelions or more with your post? People do things to antagonize other people on the internet and this name thing has upset you enough to be vocal about it. What do you think is going to happen now? [hint: it’ll be the absolute polar opposite of the resolution you sought]

    Simply don’t make a big deal of it and it’ll blow over with time. How new are you to internet anyhow? C’mon, son.

  14. Anifan says:

    but there are three :O

  15. fagbot says:

    – make a new RHExcelion user account
    – proclaim I’m the real RHExcelion
    – repeat a few times

  16. hambone says:

    Stop with the personal army bullshit Commie. We are not “legion”.

  17. oh yes says:

    a second RHExcelion? there’s like 4 extra ones now. just ignore them and they’ll eventually change their name and it’ll be someone else’s problem. bugging the just makes their miserable lives better. for them at least.