Yuru Yuri♪♪ 1


Official lyrics are out next week so no songs this episode.

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21 Responses to “Yuru Yuri♪♪ 1”

  1. Ugh says:

    Nice, glad to see this picked up early. Sweet delicious yuri is always welcomed.


  2. Blasterion says:

    Yuru Yuri hajimaru yo~~~~!

  3. Petrushka says:


  4. Kurololi says:

    …I should smack myself for even bothering to watch this…

  5. inst says:

    Sweet! Horriblesubs tempted me, but I knew you guys would have it out soon enough. Thanks.

  6. Lolilover says:

    umad fag?

  7. nethzken7 says:

    finally… one way of ending my AX is by watching this

  8. Petrushka says:

    >no sub for OP & ED

    Blasphemy. fuck you.

  9. dragoon20005 says:

    hi seems like all your file in major filehosting sites have disappeared

    you might need to reupload

  10. bbo says:

    im male, hetero, not offended by schoolgirls – but yuri doesnt interest me. Darp.