3-gatsu no Lion 21

ヽ( ゚ヮ・)ノ

herkz: only one episode left :(

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6 Responses to “3-gatsu no Lion 21”

  1. rmps says:

    It’s just me or story hasn’t moved an inch from where this started

  2. chikvn says:

    This eps really cheer the mood up, and somehow it make me happy.
    Can’t wait for the last one.

  3. Mantalo says:

    RIP Commie
    RIP herkz

  4. PaleBlue says:

    This better get another season, dammit.

    • herkz says:


      it’d be pretty weird if it didn’t, tbh. how they adapted it page for page makes no sense if they just want to stop here (since next episode is the start of rei’s second year of high school).