3-gatsu no Lion 22 END


herkz: season 2 hype

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10 Responses to “3-gatsu no Lion 22 END”

  1. Jeffrey says:

    Thanks for the subbing this!

  2. Motivational anime wisdom says:

    “It’s easier to do something than worry about it.”
    Hell yeah!

  3. Jestery says:

    Thanks for the timely releases!

  4. Pikminiman says:

    Thanks for subbing this show.

  5. M.A.J says:

    Are you going to do the blurays of this show?

  6. Mesu says:

    Thanks for lion, Any hope of Gatchaman Crowds insight BD’s?

  7. NoctisCuadro says:

    Thanks for the good work on this show, I really enjoyed it. Catchy OPs and EDs and I really liked the tone shifts not just between scenes but chapters too. I thought his sister was just an obsessive bitch but she turned out to be a somewhat cute obsessive bitch.
    Season 2 hype