3-gatsu no Lion 42


herkz: the last 2 episodes air next week

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7 Responses to “3-gatsu no Lion 42”

  1. notbob says:

    19:20 — “how much time, labor, and money has gone in to them?” This should be “into them.”

    Google “effort has gone into” vs “effort has gone in to”.

  2. omg says:

    Omg. took me almost a minute to figure out the math question at 13:06. It surely should be pretty hard for an 4th(?)grader.

  3. Edd says:

    Herkz, now that the GoPri BDs raws are available, will you sub it?

    (sorry if here isn’t the most adequate place to ask)

  4. WhoFramedRogerRabbit says:

    Thank you!