Hello, we are Commie, a group of folks who like to fansub in our spare time. This is the page where we tell you how awesome we are.


Our primary purpose is to provide the best translated English subtitles to fans of the anime community, while remaining within the limits of manageable video and audio quality and file size. In such a daring pursuit, we found that certain compromises and priorities had to be made, chief among them legibility, comprehension and flow over more literal interpretations, the adoption of newer technologies for more efficient file sizes, and the unfortunate-but true fact that the majority of our viewers are speakers of American English.


We seek to provide these translations in as timely a manner as possible, though never discounting human and mechanical limitations. Also, as forward-thinkers, we also seek to promote the very active field of video playback development, and thus will always seek to utilize the cutting-edge technologies of the encoding community.


Though unfortunate, we realize this does incur a cost; a small but very vocal proportion of our viewers do not agree with our approach to language, nor our utilization of avant-garde technologies. Loathe as we are to possibly alienating our loyal friends in the community, we have come to two very simple conclusions: to the former, we suggest seeking out alternative translation efforts; the latter, we suspect that the private sector of anime viewership is more than capable and willing to accommodate you.


Getting our releases:


Our releases are indexed on Anime Tosho, and hosted on Nyaa.si. If you can’t find something on one of those, come tell us and we’ll get it to you.


Notice to international subbers: do whatever you want with our scripts and/or releases. We’re not able or willing to stop you. We only ask that you don’t make trouble for us.

260 Responses to “About”

  1. Frank says:

    Thank you so much for subbing Tatakau Shishio! I hope I spelled that right!

  2. Opening 1 Lyrics from Gendou.com released says:

    Hi Gendo.com released the Lyrics for Opening 1 ;)

    Hope yo can use’em on your subs:

    Edit: http://pastebin.com/f2f37b2ff

    P.S. Looks ugly by posting on commnet ;(

  3. anon says:

    “CommieSubs is a quality sub group”

    I stopped reading right there.

  4. Moo says:

    Plz send 200 floppies to Kazakhstan for me.

  5. Cul-san says:

    Luv it ^_^.
    No idea if yer stuffs any good(some big fagboasts there boys) but it’s nice to see some atti-tood(BTW, is yer stuff any good or is it all rubbishy blah like so many other fansub groups(read wanker/pimplyfacedfags groups).
    will try one anyway to just to settle the question.
    Keep it up homeboys gr8 2C

  6. Benjamin says:

    Hey just wanted to say thank you guys for releasing RAINBOW: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin. It seems like no one wants to sub this anime although the story line really seems original unlike all these loli anime that we find nowadays. Anyways once again thanks, keep it up guys.

  7. FinalAvalanche says:

    Your subs tend to come out the fastest,which is great. But lately Shin Koihime Musou: Otome Tairan isn’t getting subbed until after the next episode airs, which is kind of annoying. Is there any reason why the subs seem to be taking longer?

  8. Jally says:

    hi there! I just want to say thanks for subbing the latest Koihime Musou series. I have a question regarding irc though…where/how do i get the xdcc bot file list? thanks a lot and more power!!

  9. usashi says:

    Thanks for subbing The Legend of the Legendary Heroes.

    Look forward to the rest, keep up the good work.

  10. sykes says:

    hey…thank you for subbing kuroshitsuji II..
    u rock!
    hmm..i was watching kuroshitsuji ep8 n i was wondering what is the title in the anime preview after kuroshitsuji end..at 24:15 until 24:26..the anime seems good..please tell me the title..i cant read kanji..

  11. COMMIE SUCKS says:


  12. manda says:

    commie sucks

  13. hardrock13 says:

    Thanks a lot for all your Releases!!! You’re a GREAT Fansub Group!!!

  14. 619beave says:


    Is it ok for me to post nura on a different site like cartoon-world.org?


  15. 619beave says:

    BTW, I love your guys Nura. Keep up the good work.

  16. Velorien says:

    Thanks for the releases, guys. There are times when you are all that stands between us and the horrors of the official sub, and for this I am grateful. However…

    “There’s no difference between us and a normal fansub group, we just never talk to our main TL.”

    Yeah, and there’s no difference between me and this car’s rightful owner, I just never told the previous owner I was taking it from him or gave him any money for it.

    • horus says:

      Heh… hello Pot, let me introduce you to kettle. ;)
      Seriously, fansubbing is about sharing. Attributions, while nice, are not strictly necessary.

  17. Hussein says:

    hey guys ,thanks alot for ur effort
    Really appreciate it

    but can u please change the font color on the website???
    its very hard to read anything ,unless i “select all ” on the page (=.=);

    and to anyone who say bad thing for u ,they can kiss your \_)_/

  18. Grog says:

    Okay. I have to ask: What is up with the name change? I know it is your name and you can change it to whatever you want but I am curious as to the reason/story behind the change.

  19. Hai says:

    Hey guys thanks for subbing the Shin Koihime Musou series
    I was wondering if u guys could sub the 3rd OVA cuz nobody hasnt subbed that one yet

  20. Shan says:

    Haven’t seen any of your subs but I just wanted to say this page is hilarious XD.

  21. ♡(☭ˇ◡ˇ)人(ˇ◡ˇ☭)♡ says:

    Time to release nothing but 10-bit encodes.

  22. ♡(☭ˇ◡ˇ)人(ˇ◡ˇ☭)♡ says:

    Time to release nothing but 10-bit encodes.

  23. DarqSouL says:

    Gj on the releases. Btw, this page is fucking awesome :D

  24. Meelkor says:

    Lolz, using your scripts for translating Denyuden to my native tongue is pretty funny. Your comments are awesome! Sometimes I lol’d so hard xD Thank for doing my day funnier :D

  25. Iii says:

    Excuse me, but I was wondering if you could tell me about the characters on your homepage banner, specifically their names and where they are from.

    • Iii says:

      Iii you dumbass! Can’t you see the theme bar on the side? Clearly it tells you the name of the anime… >_>
      Lol, sorry for the time-wasting.

  26. hime says:

    what is the best player to view the eps u release

  27. Hi guys, I do realise I’ll probably sound like an idiot but I’m gonna say it anyway: thanks for doing so many projects this season, commie subs are one of the best so it’s great to watch your releases ^^

  28. Your sister says:

    I love how every time I download one of your videos, it hella glitches out on me. None of the other groups do that… damn commies…


  29. MisterYada says:

    Just wanted to say that I thank you guys for the work. I’m not huge on comparing different subbing groups, but I’ve been getting your episodes of Shakugan no Shana III this season, and I find the videos are of great quality. Keep up the good work.

  30. South East Asia anime fan says:

    Thank you for subbing anime.Your sub are the Best!

  31. wharble-gharble says:

    hi guys love your subs but answer me this:

    where does your name come from?
    or more accurately why that name?

  32. JustMe says:

    Love your subs.
    As a reward and support I want to donate to you. But I live in Europe, so I have no idea how to do that. Your “Donate”-Link only works for the US.

  33. Mick C. says:

    Put a donation your way, as it seems right to support as you do all the work, England here, PayPal no probs, was able to send in US dollars.
    Best Wishes,

  34. 4th3ist4ng3l says:

    Saw the work you were doing with Last Exile: FTSW. Loved it! First time seeing your group’s work. Sent some coffee cash your way. Keep it up. ;D

  35. Marow says:


    I’m currently writing some posts on my blog about fansubbing and my final post will feature a couple of fansub groups answering the following question:

    “Why do you fansub?”.

    It would be very fun if you wanted to participate! In that case, just send me a mail. The length of the answer doesn’t matter, so if you want to write something huge, or short, go ahead! If you wish to be anonymous, please tell me.

    Thanks in advance!

  36. sirenk ashina says:

    thx for all your fast accurate and good quality subs,
    and even there are people against, your 10bit subs are excellent plz keep up using cutting edge technology:)
    btw even my 5 year old pc can run them, dont get why people are against it…

  37. Catherine says:

    “the majority of our viewers are speakers of American English”
    Lots of your viewers are Russians)) Thanks for your work! It’s loved and appreciated in our country! May I ask, why hammer and sickle? :-)

  38. Kanoto says:

    because they’re bloody commies :D

  39. Tinyballs McHardcock says:


  40. Kaily says:

    I didn’t know where to ask, but can somebody seed Deadman Wonderland. I got only episode 10 and 11, but it’s enought for me to judge it’s well subbed and I’d like this version.
    Maybe contact me on my mail adress if you’re an administrator or something?

  41. […] term ของ Commie มาก ผมเลยเขียน term ไว้ใน Another 10 release […]

  42. Catherine says:

    Thanks for your work! Quality of your subs is always high, and lots of fansubbers from other countries (i.e. Russia) use your subs for their translations. May I ask a question, as a citizen of former Soviet Union? Why hammer and sickle? :-)))

    • Jon says:

      Catherine: they’re from a country that hasn’t tried Communism yet, so they still think it’s a good idea.

      They forget the inner nature of man: that envy and ambition will never end even if they achieve the false ideal of equality.

      It’s funny, because history may “flip”: the West is becoming Communist, and Russia+China are moving towards autocratic capitalism.

      We may have a new “cold war”, this time with the USA and EU as the Communists (though they’ll rename it to something prettier).

      • CognitiveAgent says:

        It may even be simpler. “Communism is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless, and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production […]” ~ Wikipedia (due to lack of better references).

        Distributing fansubs for free would refer to moneyless, where using the materials others have provided would refer to common ownership.

        Communism is a great concept theoretically, but so far it hasn’t been shown to work very well (although granted many communist countries also have encountered different devastating problems, such as famine). That doesn’t mean Capitalism is any better. It just takes longer to fall (case in point: economical crisis).

        That said, I’d like to thank Commie subs for their efforts. I really appreciate it!

  43. Jusuchin (Military Otaku) says:

    Thanks for the work guys.

    And uh, hammer and sickle…dunno don’t care. I grab my animu and get out. Then enjoy it and then decide if it ever comes to the US if I wanna buy it.

  44. kyrie-chan says:

    hi , thanks for your best work
    could you give me soft sub of tsuritama ep ?
    cause i want to sub them to my language for my friend?

  45. Dan says:

    Love your stuff, best out there. Lots of it and manageable sizes, excellent work.

  46. Kogu says:

    Hi there I saw a post on your site saying “how to convert 10bit to 8bit” um I have recently downloaded this file from you it’s called “[Commie] Fate ⁄ Zero – 15 [4265B333]” basically I don’t want to convert it into anything like 10bit to 8bit or stuff like that lol I just want to turn it into a mp4 file so I just came to ask that is it a corrupted file?? ’cause i’ve tried more than 13 different converter trying to convert mkv to mp4 it just not working! :(

    • torch says:

      avconv -i '[Commie] Fate ⁄ Zero - 15 [4265B333].mkv' -acodec copy -vcodec copy 'Fate Zero - 15.mp4'

      I’m going to intentionally be unhelpful to people who don’t know exactly what question they want to ask. That does convert mkv into mp4, and most likely isn’t what you want, but it’s what you asked for, so there.

  47. Dave says:

    Thanks for all your hard work commie subs. I’ve been downloading your subs for years now.

  48. BeN says:

    thanks for all the great work, really much appreciated :)

  49. John says:

    Hey guys can you tell me how you guys find the japanese script?

  50. zelda says:

    First time to come here.
    Is this group similar to horriblesub?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      short answer: kinda

      long answer: we use CR/Funi/TAN/etc when we can, and beef up those sources with our own stuff. Horriblesubs is just a script that rips the videos from the stream site and puts them in torrents.

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