Hello, we are Commie, a group of folks who like to fansub in our spare time. This is the page where we tell you how awesome we are.


Our primary purpose is to provide the best translated English subtitles to fans of the anime community, while remaining within the limits of manageable video and audio quality and file size. In such a daring pursuit, we found that certain compromises and priorities had to be made, chief among them legibility, comprehension and flow over more literal interpretations, the adoption of newer technologies for more efficient file sizes, and the unfortunate-but true fact that the majority of our viewers are speakers of American English.


We seek to provide these translations in as timely a manner as possible, though never discounting human and mechanical limitations. Also, as forward-thinkers, we also seek to promote the very active field of video playback development, and thus will always seek to utilize the cutting-edge technologies of the encoding community.


Though unfortunate, we realize this does incur a cost; a small but very vocal proportion of our viewers do not agree with our approach to language, nor our utilization of avant-garde technologies. Loathe as we are to possibly alienating our loyal friends in the community, we have come to two very simple conclusions: to the former, we suggest seeking out alternative translation efforts; the latter, we suspect that the private sector of anime viewership is more than capable and willing to accommodate you.


Getting our releases:


Our releases are indexed on Anime Tosho, and hosted on Nyaa.si. If you can’t find something on one of those, come tell us and we’ll get it to you.


Notice to international subbers: do whatever you want with our scripts and/or releases. We’re not able or willing to stop you. We only ask that you don’t make trouble for us.

260 Responses to “About”

  1. CyMan says:

    By any chance will you release the Blu-rays of the rest of Symphogear G and then do GX?

  2. Ging says:

    where can i download directly? i can’t download using torrents because it always fucks up the video

  3. ssj1236 says:

    Hi guys, will you be doing Kizumonogatari all subs up till now have been utter shit :( really wish you guys do it.

  4. KK says:

    Any chance you guys are uploading the 4th Persona 3 movie soon?

  5. Oddball says:

    Bit of an odd ball question probably, but I was wondering if you guys would be able to sub the 1997 Dr. Slump series?

    I think you all are more interested in recent releases, but I figured it didn’t hurt to ask. Not sure how much interest there is for a forgotten series like this, but eh.

    If you guys want to/are able/care I found a torrent for the episodes here [https://nyaa.torrentscloud.xyz/?page=view&tid=245087]

  6. Oddball says:

    Figured. Thanks anyway though. Keep up the awesome subs :)

  7. chris says:

    Can you guys sub : Reikenzan: Eichi e no Shikaku?

    There are no fansubs groups who are actually subbing this :(

    There are 1000’s of people hoping on a saviour…

  8. sasapesso says:

    I appreciate your hard work throughout the years. God or whatever you believe in bless you.

  9. Unpleasant says:

    What spring season anime are you guys gonna sub?

  10. pizza says:

    will you be doing kizu 2 and 3

  11. Frankie says:

    Just wanted to show my appreciation for the opening subs on Terra Formas, had me laughing for a while. I’m happy you didn’t get the lyrics in time coz that was way better.

  12. randumb says:

    You guys considering doing the Heaven’s Feel movie when it releases?

  13. Daff says:

    I’m downloading Haikyuu!! BD, but it’s pretty slow to download… Can you fix it?

  14. cokefish says:

    thx for subs

  15. H4rrisH4wk says:

    Hey, okay, bit of a question and I am expecting the answer no… However nothing ventured nothing gained.

    Can I pay you guys to work in “off season” if there is such a thing, to sub the Japanese live action show “Stepfather Step” which I can’t find subs for anywhere.

    I know you’re very busy especially during anime seasons and in real life. Which is why I am very serious about actually paying you if I can.

    I understand if the answer is no however.

  16. kkk says:

    Will you be doing 3 gatsu no lion vol 7,8 ?

  17. Takeshi18 says:

    You guys have XDCC/DDL?

  18. Dr. Who? says:

    Is Eotena Onslaught available anywhere? From what I can tell, the torrents and DDL on Nyaa and AnimeTosho are dead.

  19. Qweq says:

    Are you by any chance releasing more Banana Fish blurays?

    Friendly reminder that nobody seems to have picked up Slime Reincarnation blurays, your audience awaits your most excellent services.

    Many thanks!

    • herkz says:

      >Are you by any chance releasing more Banana Fish blurays?

      yes, i’m working on volume 3 right now

      >Friendly reminder that nobody seems to have picked up Slime Reincarnation blurays, your audience awaits your most excellent services

      we would’ve subbed it as it aired if we were interested in it

  20. Daff says:

    Hi. Will you release the BD 720P version of Haikyuu Second Season alongside the Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa season? Thanks!

  21. Tolwrath says:

    Can you reseed Nyarlko W for me? I lost it in a harddrive failure.

  22. shahroze12 says:

    Will you guys be subbing Oregairu Season 3 for Summer 2020?

  23. Sangofe says:

    Hello Commie,
    This is indeed Saizen fansubs
    We were thinking about releasing episodes 4-34 in captain Tsubasa
    Since M-l released the first 3
    But my team is too busy with the other anime’s
    So will you please start working on those episodes
    A lot of people want to watch them
    Even if they are recaps
    With Kind regards
    From The Saizen Team

  24. Sangofe says:

    Because It was an amazing Anime
    It is fun,lots of action, and it is short
    The whole series is 47 episodes
    But I’m only asking you to do 4 to 34
    Many people consider this as one of their favorite Anime’s
    It would be extremely nice and generous if you could sub this
    I know u can sub this

  25. Sangofe says:

    U have subbed many great anime’s
    And I love how accurate your translations are so please sub this

  26. Boolapsak says:

    “a small but very vocal proportion of our viewers do not agree with our approach to language”
    New here, does this mean pro or anti censorship? That’s all I care about.

  27. Eguy321 says:

    loving the vibes that this whole website gives off and also whoever is responding to all these comments lmao

  28. numbers says:

    Is Koyomimonogatari Volume 2 still being worked on?

  29. pharma12 says:

    Did you drop the Shinkai movie?

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