Accel World 17


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10 Responses to “Accel World 17”

  1. Jigamut says:

    Thank you!

  2. Shawn263241 says:

    Thanks Commsters, I was waiting for this’un.

  3. erephy says:

    Wow, they should really end it soon. It is getting boring..

    • Tubby says:

      Feel free to stop watching, or put a gun in your mouth.

      Thanks Faggots, love your work!

      • erephy says:

        This is not a quality reply, is it?
        I would stop watching it if I wouldn’t care, but I am literally feeling sad for the potential of the series.

        On the other hand, putting a gun in my mouth could hardly solve anything. But I can see how u can still enjoy the series with THAT logic.

  4. a5 says:

    chiyu you royal bitch

      • bbo says:

        because that slimy cumface still has the footage of porky sneaking into the changing room.

        She simply does not want him removed from school, maybe she’s in love with him, too.

        Side note: The scarlett rain arc didn’t make sense with her being related and his reactions to her.
        A manga scanlation I found online says they aren’t, but his cousin “is ten times as cute as” scarlett and all calls to that part of the family are redirected to her instead.

  5. sivarT says:

    I’m loving the series, however I’m slightly annoyed with some of the translations. I have to say good job of translating what ‘Ash’ had to say, as that was a mess even in Japanese. There is a very obvious difference between sempai and what is used interchangeably at times. Knowing Japanese after some training tends to make things like this distract from the show. Still you guys usually have the best quality subs and raws, so I’m happy with all you commies. lol

    • RHExcelion says:

      It’s hard when the author avoids using her name and lardboy only calls her “kuroyukihime” and “sempai” and saying “Upperclassman” in English sounds retarded.