Acchi Kocchi 3


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  1. Raikoho says:

    Thank you very much Commie!

  2. NoName says:

    Heart Attacks: The Anime

  3. Max says:

    It doesn’t work on Media Player Classic for me :(

  4. RoflCat says:

    Can anyone explain that “Google!” part for me?

    I know it’s an adapted joke rather than the literal one, but I’d like to know the ‘oyome-tanban’ thing?

    • Xythar says:

      She’s trying to say “oyomesan” (wife). It’s pretty much up to you how to interpret that, but I assumed that she was asking Io if she’d make a good wife based on the conversation earlier that the others had about how she probably wanted Io to tell her she’d be a good wife.

      Before she can say the “san” part, though, Mayoi just bursts in and finishes with “Samba!” because she’s a dick.

      So same joke basically, she just finishes off what Tsumiki is trying to say with some random unrelated word.

  5. The Anon Mouse says:

    Anyway… thanks for this. i usually like 4-koma adaptations because they can be pure fun without the need for a story (think lucky star). This is sooo funny even in the translated version i find myself laughing out loud. keep em comming and if you have to help some of the jokes along (like the google one) make it just as funny as ye can!

  6. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks for the episode! Have a good night!

  7. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  8. Imako says:

    Just wondering, what made you guys decide to translate “Acchi Kocchi” as “All Over the Place” rather than the semi-official “Place to Place”?

    • Xythar says:

      I just thought it sounded better. “All Over the Place” is an accurate enough translation and it’s got a neat double meaning to it as well (they go all over the place, but their personalities are also all over the place) which I thought was cool.

      Just a bit of fun with the typesetting, really.

  9. AvidElite says:

    Thanks for the release guys.

    But why do you call it “All Over the Place”? In the end credits, in the background, you can see the words “Place to Place”, so they seem to want that to be the English translation of “Acchi Kocchi”.