Acchi Kocchi 6


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14 Responses to “Acchi Kocchi 6”

  1. 7hatGuy says:

    Man oh man, was I waiting for this. Thanks for releasing it!

  2. Ryoshi says:


  3. Raikoho says:

    OSOI !

  4. Clous says:


    Acchi Kocchi

    = \

    Thanks you dirty coons.

  5. Anon E. Moose says:

    Dammit, my left arm already fell off due to lack of moe injections. I’m taking you motherfuckers to court.

    Joking aside, thanks. I hope translator-kun unfucks his computer before next week.

  6. macxxx007 says:


    I KNEW this was coming! THANKS FOR DELIVERING!

  7. vanhoe says:

    Is this a dream or real life?

  8. Tennouji says:

    I was about to die of nekomimi loli withdrawal symptoms.

  9. Anifan says:

    my pants exploded when i saw this :D

  10. Zero-chan says:

    Hey, is it just me or Upotte!! and Acchi Kocchi is out of sync?

  11. Kanoto says:

    I thought I’d ask here, but what’s that audio/BGM that comes around at 3:45 for this episode (it’s also present in other episodes anyway)?
    It just sounds nostalgic (it reminds me of childhood RPG’s Megaman Legends and Digimon World) :D