Ace of the Diamond 13


herkz: prepare yourselves

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14 Responses to “Ace of the Diamond 13”

  1. Nyuh says:


    >Zaizen clutches his left knee


    >”but you tore a ligament in your right knee.”

    • herkz says:

      yeah, i probably missed that because they fucked up the line shortly before that where chris was like “his leg…” and they had “legs”

      basically CR sucks for this show

  2. Chinko Drill says:

    my body is ready

  3. Name says:

    yay bessballs



  4. skoks says:

    Monogatari when? ;_;

  5. Guffy says:

    Space Brothers = Lost in Space ?

  6. P says:

    Are you guys doing Amazing Twins OVA?