Ace of the Diamond ~Second Season~ 27

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herkz: >tfw the ED animation isn’t uninspired boring shit like usual

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6 Responses to “Ace of the Diamond ~Second Season~ 27”

  1. bbopp says:

    I read this as “ace of the diamond 27th season”

  2. Goku1085 says:

    Just asking for the monthlty updates on Yowamushi Pedal herkz. :P

    1) Any updates on the first recap movie and the OVA?
    2) Any updates on the BDs of S2?
    3) What are your future uploading plans for the series?
    4) Any news for the second recap movie and the original movie?
    5) Any news for any extra-special or any music content you plan to upload?

    Thank you very much for your time! :)

  3. Goku1085 says:

    OK! I’m also interested on Haikyuu!! too. :)
    1) Any updates on the anime/movies/OVA?
    2) Also, when do you think you will be working on Yowapeda again?

    EDIT: OMFG!!! A S3 for Yowapeda has been green-lit!!!!


  4. Goku1085 says:

    Great!!! :) Thank you very much for the amazing news herkz!! :) Will let you know more of the Re:ROAD movie when I have more updates too!