Ah my motherfucking goddess

Customary autoplay music:

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OP by fripside is quite refreshing.

The ED looks like shit. I can’t help it.

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12 Responses to “Ah my motherfucking goddess”

  1. Milfeulle says:

    Awesome music, as always.

  2. langes01x says:

    Gif me moar music RHExcelion.
    Can never have too much music.

  3. DrawfagZeph says:

    Clever girl…

  4. randomguy#1 says:

    well played sir, well played

  5. nipple pinchy says:

    the link is fukked

  6. aww ._. says:

    Ano.. When final 2 eps of bouncy Asobi commin’ out? ^_^

  7. Cruel-Viper says:

    Is it recomended to watch previous seasons, before watching this 1?

  8. the trooper says:

    awesome music >.>

  9. herp says:

    will you guys sub DRRR 25 extra ep? CR forgot about it or something

  10. Thomas says:

    I’m downloading this just to hear a new OP from fripSide.

    • Thomas says:

      Lol, fuck me this song was already released on their album last year. How the hell did I miss that..?