Air M*********ing Gear

Friday afternoon: Raw encoded
Friday night: Completely translated, waiting on editing and typesetting
Saturday morning: Completely typeset, waiting on editing
Saturday afternoon: Waiting on editing
Saturday night: Waiting on editing
Sunday morning: Waiting on- OH COME ON
Someone else eventually edited it.

And here you go.
Air Gear: Black Wings and Sleeping Forest -Break on the Sky-

BTW this is the same editor TWGOK is stuck on. ┐( ¯‿¯)┌

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14 Responses to “Air M*********ing Gear”

  1. Ickyarkman says:

    you guys know i can edit shit. lemme do it!

  2. Tiggerz says:

    lololno, read the damn backlog before forming the timeline…

    Saturday morning: Couldn’t find editor
    Saturday afternoon: Editor found, waiting on editing
    Saturday night: loldohrama, bitching, ragequitting ensues courtesy of preteen angst;
    editing switches hands a few times
    [Early] Sunday morning: Editing done, no one cares about this shit anymore,
    random person shows up willing to work, script dumped on them for another edit because
    the first one kinda sucked…

    Duration: All before RHE wakes up…

    *Footnote: Shitsucked anyways…

  3. Basement Dad says:

    Yeah, didn’t think they would release some air gear stuff. 4 years after the tv show :).

  4. LOLOLOLOL says:

    This was BADASS! Been waiting for Air Gear OVA for awhile. Cant wait for the second one! Oh and that part after the credits was priceless!XD

  5. Mr Lucipher says:

    You dicks would release this after I’ve already downloaded it >.>

  6. Spider says:

    shiki ETA?

  7. JT says:

    Thank God for Commie Subs! Subdesu was the 1st to release Air Gear and it was a waste of Bandwidth to download their version. So many errors. They’ve even mistaken Sonia Road for Thorny Road, declared Kanon as Crazy Apple, left turquoise sonia blank and other translation errors.

    Thank you Commie! No errors on your side!

    • KJ says:

      I know. Not to mention Iron Cloak instead Aeon Clock, Toropaion/Trophaeum, Shimca/Simca, it was hard to read because the sentences were so awkward, and they even got entire plot elements wrong. Somehow thinking Kanon was the Crazy Apple was bad enough, but they even said Ringo was Simca’s twin sister! Kilik only gets mentioned as an unnamed “rock king.” I didn’t even make it through the whole thing before realizing my file was dual-subbed with the Commie version. So thank you thank you Commie, this was awesome.

  8. muizz93 says:

    TWGOK…..come on,i’ve been waiting like a week

  9. Fag It says:

    You guys could always pretend to be hiring a new editor again.