Aiura 09


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9 Responses to “Aiura 09”

  1. Kyhz says:

    Where are her clothes?

  2. voltage says:

    why is this show so lewd?

    • redstar says:

      I know right? Watching it makes me feel oddly uncomfortable. I think it’s a combination of the overly short skirts, legs and just the way everything is framed, since I’ve never felt this unease watching Yuruyuri or Love Live or similar.

  3. infernopolizei says:

    At least we saw a crab this week

  4. poke says:

    dat legs

  5. /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\ says:

    Since I listened to the full version of the opener and its “Colorful, Sexual, Violence” line I stopped wondering about that weird unease and started wondering more about the “Crabs” (;´_ゝ`)