Akikan! OVA

A few notes.

COMPLETELY soft subbed.
Translation from TSSMA.
MASSIVE editing by me.
OP from CoalGuys.
ED from Commie’s translator.

If you want to see the original hard subbed moonrunes in the ED, disable subtitles. I covered them up for the ultimate smooth localised viewing experience.

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9 Responses to “Akikan! OVA”

  1. boneknocker says:

    What is Akikan OVA NCED ?

    I can’t play it with my MPC home cinema (K-lite mega codec).

    And how many episodes of Natsu no Arashi S2 ?

  2. Xeno-Fate says:

    Yeah, I can’t play Tegami Bachi episode 8 either. I guess you changed something after episode 7 and episode 7 of Koihime Musou.

  3. Xeno-Fate says:

    Ok scratch that, when I play the episode with the linked OP it won’t work but the video is just fine normally.

    • cryptw says:

      Are you using Meda Player Classic with Haali’s splitter?

      Also, don’t use CoreAVC, since I’m using the latest x264, which breaks it.

  4. Xeno-Fate says:

    I use Halli’s Splitter. I have CoreAVC but I don’t think it uses it cause I have fddshow audio and video. I’m like the first commenter with K-Lite Codec pack.

    • cryptw says:

      What exactly happens?
      Does it just not open at all?

      • Xeno-Fate says:

        It opens the video then shows like a green screen, then says MPC isn’t working. I turned off Halli’s Splitter and the episode worked fine though.

  5. boneknocker says:

    So…… seem no one can open that little NCED file ha ?

    Then please tell me what is that file for ?

    I can’t sleep if I not know that please…..

  6. cryptw says:

    It’s just the ED without credits.
    Make sure you have enabled FFDShow’s Audio Decoder’s FLAC feature.