Aldnoah.Zero 01


skiddiks: fansubbing irl with faggosaurus is so TERRIBLE

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17 Responses to “Aldnoah.Zero 01”

  1. Cezar says:

    Fansubbing or faggosaurus ?

  2. RDF says:

    skiddiks, do you care to explain?

  3. flupperman says:

    so umm, skiddiks is faggosaurus really gay?
    btw seems interesting

  4. justsaying says:

    Someone has been summiting your torrents to TT.

  5. tyson says:

    should have held hands with him and torn during.

  6. erebus says:

    You guys will be doing Tokyo ghoul?

  7. oh snap says:

    princess asseylum? more like PRINCESS ASS, am I right?!

  8. animenewbie says:

    “Princess Royal”. Nice touch, y’all.

  9. AMg says:

    Urobutcher is cashing in his overdue cheque from the Bank of Death, Pain and Suffering. Let be death and suffering!

    It feels like Urobutcher version of Zone of Enders but the role has been reversed. And Hiroyuki-san is doing what he do best; typical Kobayashi vocal and soundtrack. At least he tried something bit different but I bet he gonna recycle most of the scores from Attack on Titan.

    Oh, boy. I’m so pump for the next episode to be air.

  10. flupperman says:

    this show seems awesome! …. but don’t we all think it whenever a new season starts?
    and usualy we get dissapointed by bad animation and stupid plots, or even worse crappy endings or no ending at all because of copyrights……. i really wanna see more matrix boobs H.O.T.D.