Aldnoah.Zero 10v2

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skiddiks: >those official ED lyrics

Edit: ( ¬‿¬)

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24 Responses to “Aldnoah.Zero 10v2”

  1. didn'texpect this says:


    YOU’VE RETURNED !!!!!!

  2. owd says:

    Downloaded just to see what are the actual lyrics.

  3. Anifan says:

    Lt. Seagull approves

  4. sharm says:


  5. xArchangel says:

    Dem ED lyrics made me moist.

  6. wohdin says:

    demo was ist das

  7. Non says:

    Found ” ;_;7 ” and ” Commie Enterprises”
    Are there more of this Types ?

    • AMg says:

      Now, Princess. That’s how you perform a proper CPR.

      Damn you, Commies. I hope this commies doesn’t pull a fast one like they did in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

      And shit gonna hit the fan in 11 and 12.

    • Just like in my Chinese cartoons. says:


    • bbo says:

      The captain has her own subtitle on the intercom.

    • Baltor says:

      It’s not a typset, just normal subtitle. But there is “Chinese cartoons” reference (if you listen you can tell he says engrish “comic book”)

    • hackerhaseo says:

      Those types seem unnecessary to me -_- I hope they refrain from doing it again.

  8. taz says:

    You faggots had too much fun subbing this episode.

    Carry on.

  9. Catastrophe says:


    Silly japs and their silly jap-engrish mix-ups

  10. AMg says:

    Got hit by the DDOS again, herz?

    Anyway, with the latest revelation I bet the next 2 episode will be the whammest as all are related to each other

  11. iprolyhu says:

    lets not forget this will be split into two seasons like Space Dandy.

  12. doc oblivious says:

    Best scene at 9:16 – Marito’s all like “Yeh, we did a good thing today, didn’t even need my alcohol dependency and/or pass out this time”

  13. Akane says:

    What ARE birds?

    We just don’t Aldnoah.

  14. AMg says:

    Are you guys gonna release both penultimate and finale episodes on one go? Sweet!