Aldnoah.Zero 11


skiddiks: .seen Torn

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12 Responses to “Aldnoah.Zero 11”

  1. Anon says:

    .kb torn

  2. fuck torn says:

    torn a shit

  3. Haidaraaaaa says:


  4. Baltor says:

    Thanks for the episode.
    BTW, why is there no release post for SAO 11? It seems it has already been released on the tracker three days ago.

  5. AMg says:

    It wouldn’t slightly ruining it if they didn’t allocate the first 3 minutes just for the last episode recap. Heh.

    Dat Matrix: Revolution Zion’s invasion shoutout minus the mechanical tentacles.

    The end is near. Do they succeed or Urobutcher (via proxy) is waiting strike back?

  6. K0DE says:

    Txtspeak and rude language made me lol. Still choose #commie over others.

    Hope you don’t get as many staff that become capitalist pigs who turn their backs on the people next season!

  7. Luke says: