Aldnoah.Zero 12 END


skiddiks: lol wtf

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21 Responses to “Aldnoah.Zero 12 END”

  1. Anon says:

    At least the bird didn’t die.

  2. AMg says:

    Oh, I didn’t see that coming. He’d finally cash in the overdue cheque from Bank of Death, Pain and Suffering. Those who’re not familiar with Urobutcher will be rage of this.

    With that, what will the second season hold for us this winter?

  3. man00ver says:

    Thanks for releasing this, and I hope you take care of the 2nd cour also. What a fucked-up break point.

  4. someone says:

    Now if only captain earth would get finished…

  5. Sapp says:

    Its been some time since i last saw creation of Zord :)

  6. Winterwatchers says:

    the show was kind of refreshing until they brought out that ridiculous power ranger thing. talk about way over complicated design.

  7. IronToBind says:

    What. In. The. FUCK

  8. flupperman says:

    i thought it was awesome, but with the main character dead, what will happen in S2?
    (i really hope he really is dead, him being alive would be too obvious)

  9. Haok says:

    The wind blowing in the the credits is exactly how the end of S1 made me feel; Empty and wanting.

    All I can say is Slaine is shit and stupid, the worst character ever…

    • AMg says:

      Just like episode 3 of Madoka (or any anime that contain(s) wham/shock & awe elements), this gonna be the talk among the anime fans for many months to come.