Aldnoah.Zero 18


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6 Responses to “Aldnoah.Zero 18”

  1. Anon says:

    >no birdnoah webm with sound

  2. Alex says:

    Light is also effected by gravity and the beams would also curve around the planet. noobs

    • bbo says:

      True. But at 1G (9.80665m/s²), that’s neglectable unless you’re shooting accross a solar system.
      And even then you could curve it more with atmospheric refraction.

  3. MadoQ says:

    and light also will refract in the atmosphere …. But will not curve as much as bullets/cannons …

  4. Kecewa Gua says:

    thanks Japan
    I learn some english today

  5. AMg says:

    Slaine’s Checklist:
    Aldnoah Drive Cataprahkt – checked
    Own his personal Retainer – checked
    Legally/Royally decreed Adopted by a Count (and patricide the Former Count in the process) – checked
    Succeeding the Count of a Clan – checked
    Survived The Trial of Combat and kill the feuding Count – Done
    Landing Castle – Acquired
    Royally proclaimed to a princess (although she a fake) – Get!
    Kill his arch-nemesis – No yet.

    Next week in Game of Aldnoah…

    Oh, wow. Next episode it gonna be a riot as things gonna be a bit complicated. And every remaining Orbital Knights have a race who gonna their own piece of land on Mother Earth.