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63 Responses to “ALO 1”

  1. Jarhead says:

    That is a fast sub. How in world did you get it subbed so fast? I mean, isnt this a record? (>**)>

  2. stgmefly says:

    Great now weeaboos are going to have even more reason to be fucking retarded

  3. Alfred says:

    You should put that this is still SAO, not everybody recognice ALO

  4. Aofylian says:


  5. Rastaman says:


  6. Aofylian says:

    ALO sounds like some hand cream :3

  7. Shin says:

    You say that like its bad thing.
    I love being retarded…

  8. Aofylian says:

    *Passes around some ALO hand cream*

  9. starox says:

    wut’s ALO?

  10. Kohiro says:

    It’s still SAO, Just in the Fairy Dance arc so no need to change name but thanks for the sub anyways. Fast speedy sub as always.

  11. PaulNamida says:

    I wonder how many people won’t even realize this is SAO 16…

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      i hope they do seeing as the filename says as much.

    • AMg says:

      Only who did read the LNs knows ALO is SAO. Though you guys should trolled us with this in the previous episode. But, it would spoiled the non-LN readers if you do that. :3

      Heck! You should renamed it Thor the anime just for kicks. :3

      • Kanoto says:

        well, if they do the Caliber SS as an OVA, they should totally call it as Ragnarok the anime :D

        • AMg says:

          They already did Ragnarok Online. “Elder Scrolls Online” is much preferable. Wait… Not that. “Nordic Fairy Tales Online” is much better.

          Next week, we gonna see some Dusk Taker level of dickery. I hope you guys can cope with that.

      • Larnu says:

        Don’t worry, Thor makes his appearance too, just not in this arc :P

  12. FOG says:

    I believe the character’s name is Lyfa, not Leafa. Besides that, thanks for the fast release and great subs!

  13. heavenly says:

    ah its sao xDD

  14. AMg says:

    Oh, before I forget. Welcome back, Yui-chan. :3

  15. SenSen says:

    I love Lyfa but this needs even more imouto.

  16. Harbinger says:

    Forgot to say this last night when I downloaded it, thanks for the fast release :D!

  17. Conan_Edogawa says:

    thanks for this, guys. love this show so much. :3

    one small note: Lyfa, not Leafa.

    • Kohiro says:

      Agreed. It’s Lyfa.

      • johnny_dickpants says:

        Says who?

        Warning: baka-tsuki is not an acceptable source.

        • Conan_Edogawa says:

          honestly, you’re the only ones I’ve seen that don’t use Lyfa, so I had always thought that was the official translation.

          • RHExcelion says:

            Japanese: リーファ

            Pronounced: Rīfa
            Assumedly the way the Japanese would actually want it to be pronounced because of their express inability to use the letter “L”:

            Tentative ways to write it in English that could be pronounced “Lee-fa”:

            …and then you could replace -fa with -pha, -fuh, -fah, etc, but let’s not go there for now.

            Acceptable ways of pronouncing it:

            Acceptable ways of pronouncing it:

            TL;DR This shit is stupid.

          • Xythar says:

            “Leafa” comes straight from CR which is probably the closest to an official translation you’re going to get at this point. Though I’m sure their translator just picked something to, but it’s not like they’d be any less valid than B-T based on that.

  18. Th3avatar says:

    Just for those wondering, ALO is ALfheim Online, the game after SAO about fairies etc etc.

  19. AnimeBoy_007 says:

    LoL ”ALO-1” Oh,yeah it’s no longer SAO. but, they forget to change the Anime title.

    • Solaristics says:

      No point changing the title since it’s still “SAO 16..” Changing title to “ALO 1” would just confuse tons of people, as the story still goes on with “SAO” name.

    • GigasCedar says:

      No, it is not a different anime. SAO is still the title. It’s a freaking new arc. Titles change when anime change.

  20. Strych says:

    Not really sure why this would be ALO 1 and not ALO 2. I felt like SAO ended with 14 and ALO began with 15. So if you’re going to crack the joke anyway, shouldn’t you adjust your number by one?

    • Kohiro says:

      Yes, the first SAO arc ended at 14 just the the LN. This arc from 15 on is call Sword Art Online ~Fairy Dance~ book 3 from the LN, ALO is just the game they’re in.

      • Strych says:

        Yes, I realize that. (While I have chosen to not read them, I have the books all on hand.) But what I am saying is, if Commie wants to jest that this is now to be called ALO, why call Episode 16 “ALO 1”? Shouldn’t they call call it “ALO 2”, I am saying, because Episode 15 was the real “ALO 1”?