At least this ended on a good note.

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13 Responses to “AMNESIA 12 END”

  1. funtimes says:

    good note ? did she finally make it to the 5th of august ? xD

  2. wawa says:

    and i still dont know who is the heroine name( ´_ゝ`)

  3. macxxx007 says:

    maji de?


    Thanks for the episode and the series! Was a bit “rapey” at first but it wasn’t bad… interesting, if not annoying, plot if nothing else!


  4. sdfgadfasd says:

    Could you please sub the Nurarihyon no Mago Ovas?

  5. Infralion says:

    The main character was so annoying in this series. Maybe I just couldn’t get past the constant “eto, ano, ano, mh, un” with long periods of silence in between, while someone was speaking to her. It’s not even as though she pondered much in her mind, either.

    Too many flashbacks for a 1 cour, and the drama was overplayed and lacked depth.


    • AMg says:

      It’s more like watching someone playing Otome VN and you’re keep being a backseat driver; yelling why the hell the person pick that route.

      Well, it’s frustrating yet entertaining in the same time. Oh well, the lesson to be learn here is never trust the series description else you will become like me. Erk….

      Good riddance and good night

      • herkz says:

        i dunno, amnesia was exactly what i thought it would be

        it was even nice enough to be hilariously bad for the first like 2/3rds

    • lucia says:

      I thought exactly the same, though she seemed like a perfectly likeable character pre-amnesia.

      It’s a shame the music was good and the show didn’t match it. Otome game adaptations almost always turn out horrible despite the originals being pretty decent games.

      • herkz says:

        i somehow doubt the original is good because from what i understand the plot is exactly the same as in the anime (i.e. retarded)

        but yes, the OP single is amazing