An essay on DISAPPOINT

You see this girl? She is disappoint, and SO AM I. What is WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. GROUP IN STASIS was supposed to be a HINT of WHAT WE WERE HARD AT WORK SUBBING with A FUCKING GIANT CLUE.

…now we’re tempted to not release it just to spite you people.

Enough DISAPPOINT on stuff in general. Now about this show.


Guess what red means? THEY AREN’T OURS.




And now that you’ve hopefully read all of that:

Episode 4

Note that this doesn’t apply to the vast majority of you guys out there. Thanks for having a brain, everyone.

We are running exceedingly low on funds.

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61 Responses to “An essay on DISAPPOINT”

  1. Name says:

    Well, why the fuck are you doing the uncensored broadcast then? Cunts.

  2. Zombie says:

    Umm I think most people who goes to tokyotosho should know some difference between legit release and remux just by seeing the release name but those who don’t are idiots

    • Zombie says:

      Edit something and those so focus on saying it’s your release most likely are some kid trying to flame

  3. mixedfish says:

    Uncensored boobs.

    All is right in the world.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Xvid reencoding groups should just all die.
    The worst thing about them is that they can’t use their group tag consistently and it’s almost impossible to filter them out.
    AL 92_XviD
    What the fuck is wrong with these people?

    • RHExcelion says:

      lol why not just filter *xvid*

    • CTO says:

      The only reason the tag was changed was to try and bypass the ban that TokyoTosho put on his tag.

      Anyway, our ‘group’ has one tag that we’ll be sticking to in the future.

      Also, I’m the one who remuxed episode 3’s subs to the AT-X raw. If Commie would rather I didn’t do this again, just let me know.

  5. Havoc10K says:

    I think just because you are using the censored broadcast people avoid you, I only saw 3 mins of the censored version before I turned it off, my eyes still hurt, gonna wait for Doki+Chihiro not-blinding versions :P

    P.S. asking for donations is fail, the button is there, and you shouldn’t be relying on it, donating is voluntary, no wonder people hate you guys.

    • RHExcelion says:

      See picture. Over 9000 leechers an episode = people avoid us.

      OK bro. OK.

      >Need money to pay for server to sub more episodes

      >Ask for help from loyal fans


      Does not compute.

      >People hate us

      I’m sorry that we don’t use a Chinese-English translator that takes a week to translate and then a Chinese-English TLC and then release on an upscaled share raw that airs a week late.

    • Fag It says:

      I don’t hate Commie. People who do should first learn to love themselves, then fuck off.

    • Dexil says:

      ahhahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahaha Donatians WIN

  6. geyik says:

    i won’t say anything like ‘mai waifu’ but guys, please don’t deny me my galactic fairy

  7. Clue requires I care about the project, though. D:

    Re-encode groups are fine when they’re clearly marked, and they serve a good enough purpose. It’s the leechers who can’t tell an obvious unofficial apart. I mean fuck, one of those examples SAYS UNOFFICIAL.

  8. guyz says:

    hey guyz, y0ur uncenzored versi0nz timingz are 0ffz.

  9. Shampoo says:

    who’re the bigger retards, the group using censored raws, or the pirates who think an unofficial and uncensored remux is yours?

    wouldn’t the solution to be a) accept any dickstroking you can regardless, or b) RELEASE THE UNCENSORED VERSION YOURSELVES.

    of course you can’t do that because hurr elitist raws is teh bestorz.

    bitching for the sake of bitching when you could take any number or presented or otherwise solutions and quash the entire issue yourselves.

    but instead THEY need to get a clue.

    you suck as a leader.

  10. Shuffleblade says:

    Don’t really care for this series, but thanks anyway. Looking forward to almost every other release xD

  11. Joey says:

    You need to do the uncensored version too, if you want to avoid this problem.

    Personally, I only download your version to rip the subs from the mkv, then I wait a week and pair it up with the uncensored raw, only then I watch it :/

    No disrespect, but the censored version is unwatchable!

    • RHExcelion says:

      We’ll do blurays, whenever those are out. The share raws are even more unwatchable in my opinion. Uncensored not happening unless I get my hands on ATX TSes as they air (doesn’t look like that’s happening either).

  12. KostaZ says:

    I really enjoy your releases guys; you’re being way too fast with Motto to Love-ru. I’ll try to help when I get paid :)

  13. jspie says:

    Who fucking cares, reported.

  14. Mia says:

    why so bitter? I’d be tempted to say u really need to get laid or smth

    Should u really care so much what trolls don’t understand? better focus on enjoying subbing for subbing and anime for that, anime.

    Anyhoo, thanks for the subs!

    • RHExcelion says:

      “I sub animu” doesn’t really bring in the chicks….. or if it does I’m looking in all the wrong places. (´_ゝ`)

      • You have to clarify, man.
        Try “I sub Black Butler”. Or lie and go for “I sub Hetalia”.

        Guaranteed chick magnet.
        Thank me by screaming my name when you’re nailing an introverted and slightly overweight fujoshi.

      • seyrine says:

        you’re just looking in the wrong places… trust me on this ;)

        sorry for being sooo slow, but i still have no idea on what you’re subbing. :)

  15. Capitalism says:

    Ho, just thought I’d share a bit of lulz
    >Legend of the Legendary Heroes Episode 01 BD (1080p)

    >Commei sub

  16. sweet says:

    I just wait for that red grp, as I’m no real rush for T.L.Ru S2 and I’d rather watch the ATX’s

    • RHExcelion says:

      That’s fine, just as long as you don’t complain to us about how X and/or Y is broken.

  17. Hey says:

    WOW that is doggy of the episode 3, they actually stole the subs since you guys didnt release uncensored.
    don’t worry, still got more downloaders

  18. Niku says:

    Anime is srs bns. Especially second seasons that lack any sort of cohesion. I think Xebec is the real disappoint.

  19. ot4ku says:

    I understand, but wouldnt it be much MORE easy for Tokyotosho if you use the ATHORIZATION System (or how its called)?


    You know, everyone can COPY the IRC link in Comment & the Link to the Website, but if you there it says “Authorized: NO” everyone should understand.

    Like this, many groups use it:


    Maybe you know this already, i just think its better then just comment / websitelink.

    Thanks again for all your subs, im really thankful, i enjoy watching your releases, but UNCUNT rox (sorry just had to say it).

    By the way, i dont download the xvid releases, but is it bad if people release this? I mean EVERYONE (really everyone) understands that they are not official, its just some random xvid encoders, so who cares? Noone really loads them for “storing” maybe just for fast peek in the episode, i for myself ignore them.

    • Dexil says:

      but if you there it says “Authorized: NO” everyone should understand.

      Dear Sir, Madam,

      You give mankind too much credit.

      I don’t have anything against remuxers either. Just remembering the days when I tried to watch 480p MKV files with a pentium 3 processor :'(. Now I will have an i7-740QM :D Although CUDA will do a lot of the work. Just waiting for Sony to send it :@

      • lolibear says:

        My i7-920XM solves everything :) Remembering the days when divX just came out and Fansubs hat 640×480 resolution :X Back then Pentium 1 166MHZ with MMX Technology was my hero, time changes fast.

  20. nanashi says:


    frontier movie!!!!

    >…now we’re tempted to not release


  21. Trystinia says:

    Oh man people can be so stupid at times… or all the time. It can be frustrating but you can always get a good laugh out of it later.

  22. Macross says:

    i can wait for the Macross Frontier Movie :D

  23. gulag says:

    Please don’t release your ‘secret project’ in 1080p only.
    Also, Shiki, LOLH, yadda yadda yadda.

  24. waycooler says:

    Wait, so… I was right? Or, at least, on the right track?

    Go figure.

  25. deadman80 says:

    Sadly, I think that most of those who leech anime missed the Lovecraft reference… It was pretty clear to me at least that you guys were not actually shutting down ^^;; Keep up the good work and ignore the trolls.

  26. philip says:

    are you guys willing to pick up kuragehime now that funimation licensed it?

  27. Cool Guy says:

    >gonna wait for Doki+Chihiro

    >Waiting for 2 of the shittiest and slowest groups there are


  28. SomeAsianGuy says:


  29. philip says:

    gg is not doing it. so epic win?

  30. IronFox says:

    These downloaders complaining reminds me of comic book guy bitching to bart about the new poochi episode. “They’ve given you thousands of hours of entertainment for free, they dont owe you, if anything you owe them.” Man up, donate, they need beer.

  31. KayDat says:

    Hint 1: The TokyoTosho listing comment actually has the words “Unofficial”, or “remux”.
    Hint 2: File name has anything else in the group tag other than just the group tag.
    Hint 3: There’s no CRC hash.

    But seriously, I would think someone who knows to go to Nyaa or TT could at least distinguish the difference between a re-release. I guess I was wrong.

  32. wakusuru says:

    i is disappoint, to those fans out there who want to watch ONLY uncensored stuff. if you are real fans, wait for the blu rays.

    seriously, uncensored tv rips are dumb, they maybe uncensored but they lack the quality to make the uncensoring enjoyable

    if you can’t wait because of story, then im sure watching the censored raw is fine. however if you want something to wank to, go fine some other H with more better quality.

  33. Anon-niisama says:

    Just do the uncensored already, it’s not even about the tits, it’s more about the GIANT FUCKING BEAMS OF LIGHT TAKING UP HALF THE SCREEN just to cover up two animated nipples. Not sure about this episode, but episode 3 censored was objectively unwatchable.

  34. hello says:

    Otome Tairan and Natsu II fucking where.

  35. Dragonswhip says:

    Fyes, Macross Frontier. =D