Angel Beats 05


3-4 coming up soon, hopefully.

Tortoise bailed.

ヽ(´ー `)ノ

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12 Responses to “Angel Beats 05”

  1. jp1 says:

    Thought you might like to know, at 01:40 missing a line, at 03:34 the line cuts off a bit early, at 04:33 another missing line. Just thought you might like to know. Also love the line at 08:22.

  2. Flash Gordon says:

    This anime is the best anime in the world.

  3. dragon311 says:

    But subs are bullshit.

  4. PuX says:

    so where is the second episode of The Tatami Galaxy (Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei)?

  5. Zieg says:

    Where is Shin Koihime 3rd season ep 3? You released 4 but not yet 3?

    • cryptw says:

      It will be released when a proper .ts comes out for it, or otherwise at the end of the season, whichever comes first.

  6. cimmerian says:

    Where’s episode 2 of The Tatami Galaxy? Been waiting on you guys for a HQ release.

  7. Kiriko says:

    Yojouhan T-T….

  8. David says:

    B Gata H Kei is the best anime in the world. jp1

  9. tatata says:

    What is that exe for faggotryraws on TT? I don’t trust it.

    • cryptw says:

      It’s a patch.
      If you don’t trust it, there’s an xdelta3 file available on IRC.