Ani Tore! EX 12 END

( ‘ __ ‘)p

skiddiks: I, for one, highly enjoyed this show
rcombs: >torn
skiddiks: this episode gave me a stiffy. see you fags later when I get out of jail

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10 Responses to “Ani Tore! EX 12 END”

  1. anonymous says:

    this needs to be embedded into this release page

  2. bastionkid says:

    owarimonogatari ep 13 when??

  3. 2muchautism says:

    A little something for you weebs

  4. Anon says:

    Thanks for this, I know I can always count with skid and the gang.

  5. Redo says:

    Any chance for Aijin since there will be no simulcast?

  6. keemeef~ says:

    Thanks for the meme guys~ And I demand for skiddiks to be released early out of jail.