Ano Natsu 4


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  1. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks so much!

    Have a good night and a pleasant tomorrow!

  2. jenxin says:

    6:05 in the episode isn’t subbed, “but, she quietly left and went home”

    • AMg says:

      Missing sub. Might bother others. Let’s hope there’s a patch for that. :3

      The “Mr. A & Ms. B” routine. LOL

      • RHExcelion says:

        It’s subbed. Your renderer sucks.

        • AMg says:

          Well. Thanks for pointing it out the problem. Play around with the sub picture buffer. Worked (bearable) if set on max (60). It will work if I set to 0 buffer but, the vid and sound will out of sync. Maybe my 6000+ really showing its age, huh? Huhu

          • Xythar says:

            Try xy-vsfilter instead of just using the internal subtitle renderer, you’ll get much better performance out of it

  3. implyingthings says:

    Actually, the entire show goes completely stupid around the 6:00 mark. It seems like a CPU issue but there’s no reason such a harmless scene should cause that. It usually takes bloated 1080p SHAFT shows to do that.

  4. Jimmeh says:

    Thanks :]

  5. ChucklesNuts says:

    Is it me or do the file sizes keep getting smaller and smaller?

  6. Walker says:

    Dat summer finally begins ..

  7. Zan says:

    This anime is only getting less and less interesting.

  8. jenxin says:

    I was using mpc with k-lite codecs. never had any other problems with anime. :|

    -Core 2 e6850 @ 3.8GHz
    -2GB ram

    ram was barely being used, maybe its cause I’m still on windows XP haha.
    it doesnt play on my VLC player on my macbook pro i7, but works on my quicktime player. never had anyother problems before.

  9. Buraze says:

    Yeah… noticed that they were playing Highschool of the Dead in there… yeah…. At first I was looking at the theatre wonder why it looked so damned familiar… a recap tells me the reason.