Ano Natsu 5


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14 Responses to “Ano Natsu 5”

  1. Arisato-kun says:

    Oorah, mission accomplished.

  2. Arnaiyus says:

    ” The torrent you are looking for does not appear to be in our database. ”
    Something borked

  3. Jimmeh says:

    Mine works fine, thanks guys :D

  4. AMg says:

    LOL. Ms. C is feeling the pinch and Mr. D do what bros does best.

    Next’s up, your obligatory beach episode. Ya… nope.avi :\

  5. Petrushka says:

    Tanigawa got trolled again :P

  6. anonymous says:

    Would you consider marking releases to this nature as “rewrite” on nyaatorrents? It would save those of us with limited bandwidth some time and money.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Congratulations, your comment has thoroughly confused everyone awake at this time. Would you mind rephrasing it to make sense?

    • Petrushka says:

      >this nature
      >limited bandwidth


      google translate fail.

      try harder next time

      (jdpedit: I combined your comments)

    • AMg says:

      I think he/she meant if you guys consider to release your *.mkv to small size format like *.avi or *.mp4.

      That’s how I interpreted it. YMMV. o_O;

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, I should clarify. I mean that the artistic license taken with this release is beyond the realm of “localization” and thoroughly into the “make up your own story and put it in the subtitles” territory, and it would be better to let people know that in advance so they don’t accidentally download it while looking for a translation.