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Another what?

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31 Responses to “Another 1”

  1. s0rath says:

    Thanks for this. :) Guess Underwater isn’t the only one subbing this now… -options-

  2. Alex says:


  3. oBb says:

    > Another what?

    By the facts available about the story, another series of deaths.

  4. Qcio says:

    Love you guys, hoped you would pick this up.

  5. Jimmy says:

    Will you guys be doing an SD version of this? Or do I have to fall back to the Crunchy rips?

  6. Zaki says:

    Another 1… I c wat u did thar

  7. RakkaKaze says:

    Anyone notice the elevator skips 3 to 5? I haven’t actually seen any shows that actually showed this until now…

    • Arnavion says:

      “Four” 四 in Japanese is a homophone with “death” 死 (shi). Hospitals avoid having a fourth storey for that reason. It’s the equivalent of the fear of the number 13 in Western civilizations.

      • RakkaKaze says:

        I know what it meant, however I’ve never actually seen it used in animation. As in they won’t even focus on that area of the lights or buttons.

  8. Progeusz says:

    Another what?
    Another remix of the sole song Ali Project ever created and then proceeded to rehash it 3023866592 times.

  9. Parnassus says:

    Seems we’re being bombarded by loads of eye patch girl

  10. Sampei says:

    Why so late guys?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Because we didn’t re-encode crunchyroll

      Show airs on some obscure channel that’s hard to cap/we found a ts on nyaa

  11. Anifan says:

    liking this series along with a few others.

    is there any news on the following; Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai! – Crunchy are doing it as such Horrible are ripping, but its an alright show… at least it was alot better than my initial expectations (only time will tell)

  12. R says:

    Thanks. I’ve been waiting for Another one from you guys.

  13. Kesra says:

    Thanks for picking Another up.
    I think the show has good promise, graphics are slick.

    …That said… The OP reminded me of Rozen Maiden. Shudder. I just don’t like that artist. I’m not one to drop a title just because I didn’t like the OP though.

    Thanks for the release, you Commies. ^_^

  14. Guyver says:

    Holy F**k this show bored me to tears, I almost fell asleep 3 times during it. I love most of your other projects but this show is just bland.

  15. Tai says:

    Oh geez the title is so annoying. Especially when googling: “another anime.”

  16. Zan says:

    Yet Another oversubbed anime.