Another 12 [END]


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  1. Huh says:

    thanks for the release and subbing this series! time to see how this whole mess turns out…juuuuust as soon as this finishes dl’ing

  2. Noel says:

    Thanks for the fabulously fast release, you guise. ;_;

  3. Orcus says:

    Another season?

  4. magma says:

    This ending ist just too cruel. Do I really have to rewatch all episodes to check if they made any errors?

    And are there still people using MDs??

  5. Rekyuke says:

    This series was quite predictable… funny thing is the ppl dying like turds in this last 2 eps…

    Anyway funny credits at end:
    TL: Crunchylol made my day

  6. Alexy says:

    Thanks a lot Commie, what a great job!!!!
    Keep moving forward :)

  7. Alex says:

    Thanks :D

  8. yubisakimilktea(shiki) says:

    this was… disappointing, all they did, in the end, was save there own asses. they didn’t figure out who or what was behind the curse(the most significant part of the story), only played to its game (never even tried to figure it out, i remember them researching who died b4 but that’s it). in the end theirs just gonna be another group forced to go through this again, endlessly.

    this would have been no different then if it was any other group of the kids suffering.

    i really hate these endless suffering type stories, where you end up at the same point you started at.

    • AMg says:

      That’s the price you’ll pay for establishing and re-affirming the existent of something that SHOULDN’T exist. The dead is here to stay…

      I think they are setting foundation to make this a sequel in different timeline until they (producer) came out with a way to “end” the curse aka signing off the franchise for good.

  9. hmmm says:

    true dat, the ending, in my opinion, was kind of a letdown in certain aspects.

    it was a good ending nonetheless, even if the curse/cause is not totally resolved.

    • doomed says:

      to be honest they put it in a way thats more realistic. there is no hocus pocus or magic circles in the show, pretty much a glass eye that can see death ( like people with -third eye- in our world =P). i love the ending although there not much of a twist. might as well try to read the manga it seems to be different… i think o.O

      they should put in like why was the death of the misaki guy in the past triggered these deaths later on… whats so special about his death?

      • AMg says:

        If you jog back, Chibiki -sensei already explained to Kouci & Mei why his death was a big deal. I think the Misaki were a prominent family that time and holds some influence in the town. The fire that razed down their house killed all 3 generations. Throw in a doppelganger that took the form of the dead student and you know the rest.

  10. Zaton says:

    Airco still dead ?
    I want my dose of fanfanfanfan ;_;

  11. s0rath says:

    Thanks for this. I loved how there are more characters getting killed in the anime than the manga.

  12. N/A says:

    The ending was good.

    Them actually “fixing” the curse isn’t viable in the least. They barely survived it after all. Hell they barely figured out HOW to simply stop the curse.
    Asking them to fix things entirely is just ridiculous.

  13. Aladar says:

    Another what?

  14. Anon says:

    Is Kouichi the one who stabbed Reiko and killed her the first time?

    • Runa-runa says:

      Yeah. I think so too. Maybe that’s why he was losing his memories from 1.5 years prior.

      And why he was saying “Goodbye Mom” before end the dead’s life?

      Damn, such a good show. still to many mysteries.