Aquarion Logos 01


Kyhz: This is what happens when you don’t set your character set to UTF-8.
skiddiks: ep2 in 12,000 years

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18 Responses to “Aquarion Logos 01”

  1. valor says:

    worth it

  2. anon-kun says:

    Faster than gg

  3. Colman says:

    Just watched the ep 1. I think the savior just NTR someone. =.=

  4. donnie says:


  5. AMg says:

    No commie patented dick edit, skids?

  6. Malific says:

    So I read the description of this on Anidb.net, and I like some clarification.

    Is this about unruly books being fought off by kids with good speechmaking skills, or is it about the eternal war between texters and people that prefer to actually call someone.

    • anon-kun says:

      Its Aquarion

    • Kirby_422 says:

      Its about kids who dream of expressing themselves, and using their mech to beat up words.

      Also, its about the never ending reincarnations of people, in increments of 12,000 years, fighting with their orgasmic battle mech (When the mech forms, for some reason it pleasures the pilots immensely; initially it was a threesome, but this season, its just pairs), involving homosexual angels, bestiality (reincarnated angel dog on human action), and.. love in general.

      • anon-tan says:

        Maybe I should start watching Aquarion after all.

        • skiddiks says:

          You should definitely watch EVOL. Genesis was utter shit, and I suggest watching the recap OVAs to save yourself the time.

  7. Anon says:

    That was some fine ass typesetting, worth the weight.

    Please don’t drop it, please don’t drop it.

  8. Ztupid says:

    wait, wasn’t it suppose to be 10 thousands year? meh, been listening to the song and still haven’t gotten it right…

    • skiddiks says:

      It’s always been 12,000 years, even in the song. You’re just really, really bad at Japanese and only hearing ten thousand years instead of “ten and two thousand”

    • Anon says:

      >been listening to the song and still haven’t gotten it right…

      Even the English a capella version of Genesis says 12,000 years.

  9. nhkxd says:

    Aquarion Precure