Arakawa 01 (v2)

Summed up by koda’s blog post: http://thatwhichwecall.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/re-kraft/

If you tl;dr, it says that she basically came up with everything (including the name), did half of it then went to sleep and some incomptent faggots did the other half. All that happened while I was asleep.

In other news, Bantorra finished. It was a great series and you should support the creators by letting it play through on CrunchyRoll. Episode 14 has been released on IRC and episode 19 will be out soon, then we will >>>>>>>>>>> BakaBT.

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3 Responses to “Arakawa 01 (v2)”

  1. Euryx says:

    thanks for the v2.. just want to ask if you will also make post an avi format for this?

  2. h4x0r says:

    will you sub ep02??