Asura Cryin’ EX014

1st episode of the 2nd season of Asura Cryin’. Episode 14 of the whole series.

The airing station for this was really shit (AT-X, but strangely enough, they have pretty good audio at 44MB for this episode), so we’ll do another when we get the better airing, the soonest of which is:

テレビ神奈川 : 10/03 24:30~

Which in more a more recognizable time format is October 4th, 00:30 on TVK (which in my experience has had pretty good quality broadcasts).

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11 Responses to “Asura Cryin’ EX014”

  1. VoiD says:

    OMG don’t call it episode 14… just don’t… its the second season, meaning it has its own title and stuff… this is not naruto or bleach so plz don’t do stuff like that, its confusing and ppl don’t like it… some may thing its a troll… -_-

    That was just an advice, take it or leave it… :P

  2. GT says:

    calling it episode 14 is just retarded xD

    • cryptw says:

      Watch the episode (or skip to the end).
      Notice in the preview it designates the next episode as EX015, so I am following that convention.

  3. GT says:

    lol i dont care im watching other fansub xD

  4. cryptw says:

    It’s probably all gonna be CR rips anyway.
    I heard AoT might still be doing their own translation.

  5. b1 says:

    @GT and @Void:

    I have some reaaaalllyy exciting news for you both!!oneone!

    What you do is ….wait for it!! . . . RIGHT CLICK on the file and then choose this AWESOME option called ‘RENAME’!! What’s RREEEEAALLLY exciting is that YOU CAN CALL THE FILE WHATEVER YOU WANT!!!. WOW!!!

    Oh wait…. you can’t right-click on a mac you say? Oh well then just send the file off to Steve Jobs and HE’LL RENAME IT FOR YOU!!!one!!


    • VoiD says:

      Noob… do us all a favour and type “format c:” in DOS… -_-

      Changing the name of a fansub file is disrespectful to the fansubbing grope. Go back and fap to ur crappy English dubbed naruto filer episodes…

      PS: I eat apples, I don’t watch Anime on them… :|