Asura Cryin’ Season 1

I think I’ve explained it before, but I cbb checking, so here it is again.

Basically, we’re doing all of season 1 of this show in 480p (anything higher is upscaled), encoded from the BS11 (highest quality channel) transport streams along with CR subtitles, editted and typesetted.

Unfortunately BS11 was not available for episode 11, so we used Tokyo MX instead, but there should not be a huge quality difference.

Doing this mainly because the fansubs for season 1 weren’t all that great [Note: I am only talking about the subtitle text themselves, not the encoding]. Chihiro: no comment; AoT: alright-ish, but too weeaboo; FTP-A: Not even finished; AniYoshi: same; AniKat: Haven’t bothered checking because they were so slow.

Encoding wise, judging by the ji-hi comparisons, Chihiro is warpsharped like crazy, AoT is better, but is pretty artifacty, and most are 720p upscales.

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8 Responses to “Asura Cryin’ Season 1”

  1. pork says:

    Please reseed the torrent on tokyo tosh, please guys.

  2. pork says:

    please reseed. god forbid if we leave the world to chihiro, my brain will melt.

  3. pork says:

    please reseed! the one on nyaa tracker, or please put the subtitles here so we can mux it ourselves, if it’s impossible to seed again. Seriously, chihiro’s giving me brain damage.

  4. pork says:

    please reseed at least the 11-13, I really hate to use chihiro’s