Lupin the Third Part 6 00

Torrent Unfortunately, even the best video source for this anime, Amazon, isn’t very good, so despite it being animated at 810p, I downscaled the encode to 720p so the artifacts are less noticeable. I’ll release 1080p encodes if the BDs are ever uploaded. Also, next week might be slower since it’ll presumably have the ED.

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Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso BD Volume 1

Torrent Finally got around to this. The main reason I’m doing this is because our original subs were a bit of a mess due to switching editors and typesetters in the middle twice. While other BD releases do use our subs, I’d be pretty surprised if they fixed all the inconsistencies, or even knew what […]

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SK8 the Infinity BD Batch

Torrent I decided to save updating the encodes for the first three volumes until the US BD release comes out due to the numerous issues with the simuldub. Also, I’m lazy and the encoding issue is barely even noticeable.

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Vanitas no Carte Batch

Torrent | Patch Episode 1 has a new encode so no patch. The patch for episode 2 fixes one frame where the dehardsubbing failed and some minor script changes while I was at it. I didn’t update the lyrics for the earlier episodes since it doesn’t matter that much and I can just do that […]

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SK8 the Infinity BD Volume 6 END

Torrent There’s no audio in the dub for the preview at the end of episode 11 because it didn’t exist in the TV broadcast. If you care, just switch audio tracks. Not that the previews are really about the next episode anyway. Also, batch in a few days, etc.

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