Christmas Presents 2022

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There are a few reasons I decided to sub this. The first is that it’s a good anime. The second is that all the existing releases for this anime use the worst of the three English simulcasts for their subs, which is Crunchyroll’s translation. This anime was also simulcast by Hidive, whose translation is pretty good, and Aniplus, whose translation is extremely good (which isn’t a surprise considering which translator worked on it). I used about 98% Aniplus’ translation with a few good lines, song translations, and addition sign translations from Hidive. Even if these other two translations didn’t exist, CR’s would still be pretty mediocre and disappointing for such a good anime, so it deserved a good release. The third reason I subbed this is that a second season is airing in a few weeks, so now seemed like the appropriate time. Although for season two there will most likely only be one simulcast translation from Hidive. Hopefully it’s good.

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Call of the Night BD Volume 1

1080p | 720p

The BDs include the previews, which are almost entirely just lines from the next episode.

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Bishounen Tanteidan BD Volume 4

1080p | 720p

Unlike the previous volumes, there are barely any changes to the script because the official releases of the LNs and manga have ceased for unknown reasons and I was using those to help with making the subs better.

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Vanitas no Carte BD Batch


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Vanitas no Carte BD Volume 8 END


Batch in a few days.

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