Chihayafuru 2 BD Volume 1


let’s pretend the previous release never happened so i don’t have to put a v2 in every filename (especially in case i do actually need to v2 a release)

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Free! Dive to the Future 00

1080p | 720p

Like the filename suggests, this is quite literally episode 0 in that it’s set after Take Your Marks and before episode 1 of the series. It’s not just your usual unrelated (in terms of plot) OVA. Anyway, I won’t be subbing the rest of the BDs since they haven’t been uploaded other than the first Japanese volume, which includes this episode. In fact, the only reason I could even sub this is because Funi started streaming it on their website recently. Even their BD release hasn’t been uploaded. If the BDs ever are, I will of course sub them.

Also, a reminder that this anime is native 1080p, so the 720p release isn’t recommended.

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Banana Fish BD Batch

Torrent | Patches

The episode 1 preview needs to be in the same folder as episode 4 to be patched (as opposed to the Extras folder where it might be by default). If you can’t figure this out for some reason, just redownload the file. It’s only a few MB.

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Banana Fish BD Volume 4 END


There will be a batch in a few days. It’ll have at least a few v2s to fix dumb mistakes I made in the previews in early episodes.

Also, I fixed the subs for Eiji’s letter in the last episode to exactly match what’s shown in the anime. Turns out there are a few frames where you can just barely make out some of the lines that aren’t shown up close. Although they did skip a few lines in the dialogue, so those aren’t in the subs.

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Banana Fish BD Volume 3


This took a little longer than intended since I was working on other stuff like the Natsume movie, but seeing as the last volume hasn’t been uploaded yet, I guess there’s no hurry. Also, episode 19 is the only episode where they got the English episode title wrong (which is kinda impressive since they’re all originally English), so I’ve attempted to fix it. I used the same font, but it still doesn’t match exactly. It shouldn’t really be noticeable, I hope.

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