BakaTest 5

An additional typesetter would be fucking awesome.

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13 Responses to “BakaTest 5”

  1. baka says:

    to whom it may concern the size if off on this video i dont know why but its not 720p…

  2. TheSerpent says:

    Yes, I agree, typesetters are awesome. Wish that I could help alleviate some of your concerns, but unfortunately I’m unable to. Needless to say, Thank you for the release. :D

  3. Shooby Doo Bop says:

    Gonna v2 this or is it just me having problems?

  4. rpm says:

    I’m having spots where it starts to lag and sound cuts out, starting at the 2:41 mark.

  5. rpm says:

    Major sound/video lag spot at the 4:01 mark

  6. Genra says:

    Thank you for the release!