Bantorra BDs

I wanted to encode the BDs, but got cockblocked by this:

[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> (BDMV)(アニメ)(100226)戦う司書 The Book of Bantorra 第1巻
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> パスワードはこちら↓に登録していただき、3000ポイントを現金に交換してください。
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> http://www.gendama.jp/invitation.php?frid=2670487
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> 無料ですので安心してください。
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> 交換後にミニメールより、交換した旨をお伝えください。
[08/04 13:21:18] <~cryptw> パスワードをお伝えします。
[08/04 13:21:32] <~cryptw> lightningmaiwaifu: plz2decipher
[08/04 13:24:09] <+lightningmaiwaifu> what
[08/04 13:24:11] <+lightningmaiwaifu> oh
[08/04 13:24:19] <+IGChris|studying> It says: if you want the password, cryptw has to stop being an immature 16 year old.
[08/04 13:24:48] <+IGChris|studying> onegaishimasu
[08/04 13:24:50] <+lightningmaiwaifu> cryptw
[08/04 13:24:59] <+lightningmaiwaifu> it says you have to register on that site
[08/04 13:25:02] <+lightningmaiwaifu> and get
[08/04 13:25:08] <+lightningmaiwaifu> upto 3000 points
[08/04 13:25:18] <+lightningmaiwaifu> then you give them the points for the passwords
[08/04 13:25:21] <~cryptw> derp wut
[08/04 13:25:34] <+IGChris|studying> wow, hat is straight up gay

So yeh, if anyone would be so kind as to share the password to (BDMV)(アニメ)(100226)戦う司書 The Book of Bantorra 第1巻 GNXA_1201.part1.rar, it will go well rewarded.


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9 Responses to “Bantorra BDs”

  1. zxcv says:

    It’s fake you retards. Anything like this on Share/PD is a scam/virus.

  2. psuedonymous says:

    Thar be a big sign on the front of ye site proclaimin’ “300yen = 3000 points”. Also some wank about webmoney and the like, and I have no jp address credit/debit cards.
    tl;dr: pester someone in Japan / with a Japanese address card for $3.22.

  3. pork says:

    this is unrelated, but I’m afraid you guys won’t read the previous post – also I can’t connect to your irc… can I request a reseeding for asura cryin 11-13 in TT? I’ll be damned if I’m forced to burn a chihiro’s if I can get yours

  4. jiminy25 says:

    It’s not just Bantorra vol.1, unfortunately. Several recent BDMVs uploaded to Share have this same accompanying text file/password problem, including Bantorra vol.2.

  5. sayago says:

    Hi!I’m from a spanish fansub and I’m looking for this password too. Did you find them?sorry, my english is bad, I now. Thanks.