Berserk Golden Age Memorial Edition 01


If you don’t know what this is, they’re making a TV series out of the movies that updates some animation and animates some scenes from the manga they skipped. Since we subbed the movies back in the day, I decided to sub this since it’s easy enough to just copy our subs over the official subs (and boy, are our subs a lot better despite being nearly a decade old). As for the video, for some reason the ED (and presumably the OP whenever it shows up) was made in 16:9, so I can’t really crop the video despite most of it being 2.35:1 like the movies. As for the audio, for some reason CR’s audio for this episode was mono, so I used the audio from the BS11 TV broadcast instead. Hopefully CR fixes this at some point since I’m lazy. Although this show is supposed to stream on Netflix in Japan which could have 5.1 audio. We’ll have to see what happens there.

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