Black Bullet 07


skiddiks: my face whenever I have to work on this shit. P.S. blame Staedtler for any delays for movies related to owners of purses.

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33 Responses to “Black Bullet 07”

  1. Jupiter says:

    I don’t even know why I download this every week.

  2. Akane says:

    I get the impression you do not like much anime, skiddiks.

  3. Anon says:

    Do it for the lolis.

  4. keemeef~ says:

    Not sure if skiddiks has something he likes to work on or just hates his work in general…

  5. Trax3r says:

    Sorry, but where is the subtitle ?

    Maybe the file is Broken ?

  6. Michiri says:

    It’s only me, or first line is missing?

      • Michiri says:

        i’m not using haali splitter. heck, i don’t even have it.
        and aegisub didn’t let me open the video/subs to check if what it was.

        • lae says:

          update aegisub.

          and I’m not using haali splitter either (i mean, I’m obviously using Linux), that screenshot just indicates that it happens for me, too.

          • Michiri says:

            already have last version, it crashes on the startup when i load the video, or says that there are no sub when loading them (though i can extract them with mkvcleaver)
            welp, at least he said something easy to understand

            • lae says:

              I’m assuming “last version” means last stable release and not the last version from git? Why aren’t you on the development branch? ( ¬‿¬)

              • Michiri says:

                yep, last stable
                i’m not really into building things, last time i tried on linux i had to format everything.
                don’t ask me how i did, i still don’t know

              • Anon says:

                Some people need to git gud.

  7. IceD says:

    It works with LAV, but the file seems corrupted nevertheless; it crashes explorer in my case unless I open it through MPC already running in the background. Everything was fine week earlier.

    Commie, pls

  8. Ruisu says:

    I can´t open the subtitles file can you whith aegisubs have someone an idea why i can´t?

  9. skatt says:

    “Haali Splitter a shit. Haali Splitter a shit…”

    made my day! thanks for release!

  10. subsfuckingwhere says:


    not using haali, latest KCP….

  11. Hulkkis says:

    Instead of just insulting people who dont know, could anyone tell me what to do to make the subs show? Used MPC for everything for years up until this.

    • herkz says:

      what? the answer was explained very clearly. use lav’s splitter instead of haali’s splitter. the easiest way to do this is just to install cccp.

    • Anon says:

      You’ll be surprised but this site has a section called “Playback”.

      • Name(required) says:

        My CCCP install works with everything else from Commie and half a dozen other groups, but not this one episode. Obviously something changed with this release, not my setup or that of many other people.

        • vivant says:

          Same here.
          I’ve been using CCCP for years and I never encountered any problem at all until this one particular episode.

  12. Tempesta says:

    So, what happened to whoever is in charge typesetter of for this show? I’ve been waiting for episode 8 seriously

    • herkz says:

      he died

      also he hasn’t actually had to typeset an episode in forever so i dont think he planned to be around during the week

      • Tempesta says:

        lol if he isn’t gonna work get him off the projects

        whats the possibility of having someone else to replace him?

        I love commie, so i decide to stay waiting for the ep

    • Ditto.
      As I mentioned in your IRC chan, I’m quite wiling to wait for your version of episode 8+.
      While the “OTHER” guys seem to be willing to puke out subs at a quicker pace, IMOH when done at such sloppy quality,its not worth the time spent to D/L them. I won’t go into the flaws ( or lack of features/quality ) I saw with the other guys, I’ll just say, as a veteran fansubber, I prefer Commie’s Black Bullet sub =^-^=
      Suzaku Of Live-eviL
      Cynthia Hicks.