Black Bullet 09


skiddiks: Unfortunately, we did not drop this show. Typesetter died, so we had to get a new one. 10 will be out soon™

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9 Responses to “Black Bullet 09”

  1. Tempesta says:


    FINALLY that god damn typesetter is going to be replaced.

  2. Ruisu says:

    Thanks a lot for that episode. :D i wait your version always xD

  3. Cheese sticks says:

    Thanks commie.

  4. corti says:

    “Unfortunately”, indeed.

  5. VanFinale says:

    So how much of an asshole am I for legitimately liking this show and thinking it’s one of the best new shows this season?

  6. bbo says:

    I wonder if anyone would care if someone started collecting cursed battle lolis to train, trade and play with?